What IS the Whammy?

The origins of my blog's name come from an episode of The X-Files.  I was kind of one of those rabid X-Files fans.  Maybe it's not fair to say "was" since I have about 15 books, two boxes of memorabilia in the garage, and my license plate... well...

In one of my favorite episodes, "Pusher,"  Mulder is trying to explain to Scully how the man they're investigating convinced a judge that he was not guilty despite the evidence to the contrary.

MULDER: Oh, we had enough to get past a simple preliminary hearing. Modell psyched the guy out. He put the whammy on him.
SCULLY: Please explain to me the scientific nature of the "whammy."

I laughed when I heard it the first time, and when I first named my blog I admit it was on a bit of a whim.  As time has gone on and the blog has grown and developed, it's come to have even more meaning to me.

Do you ever notice that LIFE is constantly putting 'the whammy' on us?  Nothing is ever predictable, and just when you think things are what you think they are, something changes.  It's so easy to get psyched out and thrown off course by the things that are happening around us and to us.

Unfortunately for Scully, it's not scientific.  We all have to learn how to cope when the whammy hits, and to pick out the silver lining that usually comes along with it. 


tori said...

I think I am a Whammy Fan for sure!

Barb - The Empty Nest Mom said...

Ahh - okay. I get it now. I love it. I like that your title takes a little unraveling. A bit of a mystery. And as an aside - love the tulips in your header. Frilly and fresh. So glad to stop by from SITS. Your writing and spirit are lovely.

Jean said...

As an X-files fan, that's awesome! Sometimes my life seems like 1 whammy after another.