November 27, 2013

Thankful Days 26/27: Nora & the Farm

I am thankful for my baby niece Nora, who lights up the world with her smile and makes the most hilarious noise when she eats, like she is some kind of engine revving up to take on the world.  She lets me pick her up and play with her and smiles at me even though we haven't met too many times, and she is the most adorable and beautiful little girl ever.  I am thankful for this farm where my sister lives with her little family, with the husband who loves her and who fits together with her so well, and who holds his daughter and carries her around while he works like they're two peas in a pod and it's just meant to be that way.  I'm thankful for this peaceful place away from the crazy world where my little niece will grow up, and the loving parents who will raise her, and the chances I will get to come here over the years and spend time with all of them.  Who'd ever have known that one day a little piece of my heart would live on on farm 30 minutes outside Colville?  But it does.


Rachael Heiner said...

12th man is all about fans creating such a loud stadium that the 12s cause false starts. It is like being apart of the team as you are causing penalties against the visiting team which gives our defense a better chance of preventing the visiting team from scoring. Getting behind this concept or not, the 12th man shows the united fan base that make noise together to cause the delay or game or false start penalties. How else would those penalties occur?

Rachael Heiner said...

I get it, I just think that a lot of people that call themselves the 12th man are wearing sweats on their couch or going through Starbucks with a 12th man flag.