November 20, 2013

Thankful Day 20: Grandparents

I know that more than one of my thankfuls has been about Sam, but a lot of stuff is going on with him right now, and this has been an opportunity to see the side of it that warms my heart and gives me confidence instead of making me feel stress.  I am so, so thankful for Sam's Grandparents, and their involvement in his life and education, and support of us as parents.  Today Sam's Grandpa Rich came up to go to a meeting at Sam's school with us, and I was really glad he was there.  It was a long drive for him.  He helped a lot and partly because of that help, we are to a place with Sam's school where we feel much more confident and understanding about the IEP process and what's going to happen from here on out.  Sam is so lucky to have grandparents who have so much knowledge and care about him so much, and I'm lucky to have their support in all we do.

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