November 3, 2013

NaBloPoMo /Thankful Day 3: Siblings that Play!

Today I am thankful for the fact that my kids are old enough to play together for extended periods of time.  Finally!  When I was pregnant with Danny and when he was a baby, I worried that a 4 year gap between kids was going to be too large.  As Danny gets older, though, they have gotten closer.  There's nothing better than sibling love.

This photo is from the other day after we got home - I had to pick up Danny early from day care because he got sick, and after we got home they were sitting together under a blanket on the couch, Sam with his arm around Danny, watching a video and talking to each other.

Don't get me wrong - they also argue, and fight like crazy, and they annoy each other and get annoyed.  But this afternoon they spent over an hour building a ferry out of pillows in the hallways, and journeying to lands unknown with a giant unicorn, a huge stuffed bear, an owl, a penguin, and a couple of dogs.  They had laid out all of the pillows in the house side by side and it was completely adorable.  They were so excited, I watched Danny's eyes light up because he got to play with his big brother, who he thinks is the most amazing person ever, and they just had an all around great time.

Sam teaches Danny things.  Recently, he taught him to say "What the WHAT?" which is pretty hilarious.  The other day, they were both home with Justin and Sam made breakfast for himself and Danny.  He offers to help Danny get things from the kitchen.  He has a certain tone of voice just like we do for explaining things to Danny which is both hilarious and endearing.

What is better than sibling love?  Not a lot!  Watching Sam teach Danny and nurture him is amazing, and it makes all those other times when they are spending hours pushing each other's buttons seem totally worth it.


On another note, this week Danny told both Justin and I on separate days that his favorite colors are pink and purple.  So when I was at the store last night getting pull ups, I got him a new shirt.  I think he likes it.


This will be my post for both Thankful & NaBloPoMo for today since it came out longer than I planned for the Thankful posts on their own.  Also, I am aware that there are some template issues going on and it's totally bugging the crap out of me - I can't get photos to center in my posts and there's no buffer between the photos and text, I'm working on figuring it out but my knowledge of html/css is basically 'Oh, I'm having a problem, time to google stuff and figure it out or beg my husband to fix it for me" so soon it will be fixed one way or another...

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