November 9, 2013

NaBloPoMo Day 9: A Typical Saturday

Every once in a while I like to record a typical day so that I can look back on it in a few years and remember where I was at.  Also, sometimes it blows my mind to write down my days because they can be a little bit crazy sometimes.  Here's what I did today...

4:00 AM - Awakened by the cat starting to barf all over my bed.  In my awakened-by-barf-right-next-to-me horror/sleepiness, my reaction is not to let the cat throw up and then take the blanket off the bed.  Instead, I pick him up and chuck him off the end of the bed.  Idiotic.  This results in a splattering of cat barf, landing all the way from on my hand to near my bedroom door.  I want to cry, but instead I pull the blankets off the bed, fold them over and leave them on top of the floor mess to clean up later, and get a new blanket and go back to sleep.

4:45 AM - Danny wakes up and comes and gets in bed with me.  I get him some chocolate milk and water and he goes back to sleep (thank God...).

6:00 AM - Justin comes into the bedroom from the couch and gets into bed.  Danny wakes up.  I try to get him back to sleep for about 15 minutes but it's obviously not working.  He wants to go out into the living room.  I finally agree to go.

6:15 AM - We lie on the couch with a blanket and I put a show on for him.  He cries because he wants candy (freaking Halloween...).  Then I doze on and off on the couch for a while.

7:25 AM - My Saturday morning alarm goes off on my phone.  I snooze it, but I'm starting to be all the way awake.

7:45 AM - I get up and get Danny a snack.  I grab my Birth Boot Camp stuff and make sure I have the right notes for today and quickly read over my materials.  Print out something I found online about protein sources for people who don't eat meat and gather some checks to put in my purse.

8:15 AM - I read some emails and look at Facebook a bit.  Sam gets up and he and Danny immediately start at each other.  Within 5 minutes, Danny has chucked the paperback copy of Goblet of Fire at Sam and hurt his hand.  I put Danny in his room so I can hug Sam and make sure he's okay, give Danny hugs, and tell them to give each other some space.

8:40 AM - Shower time!  Danny comes in while I'm in the shower asking me to make him chicken nuggets.

9:00 AM - Out of the shower.  Getting dressed and drying my hair, Justin's up and we talk a little bit and I gather my things to head to town.

9:20 AM - Leave for Tending Moon to teach my class.

9:40 AM - Arrive at Tending Moon, set up the dvd for today and arrange my teaching space.

10:00 AM - My students arrive and we start class!  This week, Class 2, which includes nutrition, exercise, and intro to relaxation.  I am really enjoying my students this time.  It's a private class, just one couple, but they are pretty great and always fill the time, I love that they have questions and contribute so much to our time together.

12:15 PM - Wrap things up with my students, re-set the room and head out to the car.  Text Justin to tell him I'm leaving there and then head to the grocery store on the way home.

12:30 PM - Arrive at the store.  Original main objectives: hair dye, ice, and soda for Justin.  I end up doing some shopping since Justin will be home with the kids a good portion of the next 2 days and they'll need to have all their staples in stock at home.  Also buy a 3lb bag of Smarties in the leftover Halloween candy section.

1:30 PM - Finish shopping, check out.  Save $22.50 with my Fred Meyer rewards and coupons, which makes me happy.

1:50 PM - Arrive home.  Unload groceries and pick up a few things.  Change over the laundry.  Danny and Justin are napping.  Sam wants to play the Wii.  We decide to play Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7.

2:45 PM - Danny wakes up and come out of our room.  He sits with me on the couch and wants to play.  The Wii U keeps freezing up and it's annoying.

3:00 PM - I wake Justin up and tell him to get up because I want to start working on housework.  I have a list of 13 things I want to be done before a sitter comes Monday.  Having someone over is usually a pretty big motivation for me to get some stuff done, plus I usually try to do chores on Saturday so I can relax on Sunday.  Play Wii with Sam for a while longer.  Talk to Justin about the chores and he says he doesn't want to do housework today.  Kids are asking for things.

4:30 PM - FINALLY get to start doing chores.  Give a deep clean to the kids bathroom (a 7 year old with bowel issues and a 3 year old who is newly potty trained, both boys who pee everywhere lead to... just, ew).

5:00 PM - Go to our room and spray the cat barf all over the floor with rug cleaner.  Before starting to clean the bathroom, decide to clean out under the sink and the medicine cabinet so I can put my hair dryer and stuff under the sink.  Get rid of expired products.  Clean the bathroom.  Finish cleaning the carpet.

5:40ish PM - Deal with laundry switching over.  Take out all the trash in the house, which combines to 2 big bags.  Take recycling out to garage (if you could see the pile of recycling in the garage right now you would not even believe it).  Unload dishwasher and do the dishes that have built up.

6:15 PM - Clean up random stuff around desk and pick up toys in the living room.  Take dirty dishes into the kitchen.

6:30 PM - Eat dinner.  Boxed pasta with Italian sausage that Justin prepared while I was doing dishes and stuff.  Danny is watching Toy Story 3 and climbs up into my lap.  I watch the rest of the movie with him and cry at the end.

8:00 PM - Movie's over, kids are prepped for bed.  Justin takes Sam tonight and I take Danny.  I refill his water and get his milk.  We read Goodnight Moon and Caps for Sale.  When we start Goodnight Moon, he names all the letters in the title.  I sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the ABC song.  Usually that's when I say goodnight, but he wants me to stay.  I tell him I'll stay for a couple of minutes.  When I tell him it's time to go he is still fussy so I offer one more song.  You Are My Sunshine.  Then I tell him goodnight and leave.

8:30ish PM - Come out of Danny's room.  Take dishes into the kitchen.  Swap the laundry, and spot clean a couple of places that didn't get all the way clean.  Shove it in the drier and start another load.  Get out my laptop and look at email, reply to a couple threads on Facebook and start my blog entry for today.  Keep writing, get sidetracked by looking at old blog entries, then get totally distracted by the fact that there is a new birth center opening in Bellingham next year (squeeee!), being opened by the midwife who cared for me when I was pregnant with Danny.  I also watch this week's episodes of Scandal and Glee while I'm writing.

10:26 PM - Now.  It's been 2 hours and I am done.  And this is all I did today.  "All."  Yet, my to-do list still has like 20 items on it!  Life is crazy.  At least I finished all but 4 of the things on the to-do-before-babysitter checklist.

What did YOU do today?  Do you keep old planners, to-do lists, or journal?  Do you ever keep track of a typical day so you can be amazed at it later?

NaBloPoMo November 2013

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