November 6, 2013

NaBloPoMo Day 6: What are you watching?!

So, we're a good five or six episodes into fall TV now - it's time to talk about how it's going and which shows we're enjoying most!

I posted my plans for what I'd be watching back in September.

Shows I've Already Dropped or Decided Not to Follow

  • Super Fun Night (Pretty sure this already got cancelled anyway)
  • American Horror Story: Coven (have heard it's great but I have no time)
  • Masters of Sex (Just never started)
  • Mom (Watched one episode, wasn't funny enough)

Shows I've Been Recording & Saving

Not really on purpose, but these end up low on the list somehow and I end up building up many episodes and having to watch them later.  Sometimes not until Summer.

  • Revenge (Including several eps from last season)
  • Homeland (Have only watched episode 1)
  • Arrow (Have most of last season also)
  • Revolution (Have 4 or 5 left from last season also)
  • The Originals

Favorite New Shows

  • The Blacklist
    • I was a little bit on the fence about this one, but decided to watch it because of James Spader.  I am SO glad!  This is in a tie with Agents of SHIELD as my favorite new show of the year.  It's a little bit Alias, a little bit Criminal Minds, and a little bit just James Spader being who he is.  A good mix of mythology and case of the week too.
  • Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
    • Joss Whedon.  Superheroes.  I love it.
  • The Michael J Fox Show
    • I was not going to watch this, but Justin wanted to and it's actually really funny.
  • The Crazy Ones
    • It's funny.
  • The Tomorrow People
    • Despite the dorky names (The Tomorrow People?  Ultra?  I blame it on the 70s and love that they threw in a reference - "We didn't pick the name") we are really liking this one.  Also, Mark Pellegrino.

Favorite Returning Shows

  • Scandal
    • It's just SO GOOD.
  • The Walking Dead
    • Woah about last week's episode.  I like it when BIG STUFF happens on shows, and one reason I like TWD is that no one is safe, and anything can happen.  I like shows that take big risks.  Also, lots of good out-of-the-prison stuff recently, which is nice.
  • Supernatural
    • This is just one of my favorite shows of all time.  When the angels fell at the end of last season I think I sat there with my mouth hanging open at the enormity of it.  The last couple episodes haven't been the best, but I know it'll pick back up, and it's still one of my favorite returning shows.
  • The Mentalist
    • The Mentalist has been really good this season!  Closing in on Red John & seeing the dark side of Jane.  REALLY enjoying it.
What have you been watching?  What are your new favorites, and old standbys?

NaBloPoMo November 2013

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