November 5, 2013

NaBloPoMo Day 5: Peek Into My Life

I am tired tonight, and not feeling inspired or creative.  I have been wanting to share some photos though, so maybe I'll post a few and tell you a bit about them.


A few weeks ago on the weekend, my Mom and I took Sam and Danny and walked down the street to her garden.  Where we live, there are community garden plots, and she grows lots of things including lettuce and lots of kale, beans, strawberries, dahlias and other veggies.  She told me she had a couple of pumpkins that were ready to be picked, so we headed down there for the last garden visit of summer.

Sam usually complains when I try to take his picture too much, but on this day he posed for me!  It was great, and I got a couple of nice shots of him.  He hid part of his face and I love this one because you can see the smile in his eyes and how much fun he was having.

After a few minutes, I asked Sam to show me different faces.  I think this one was either surprised or scared.


This year we only went out for about an hour on Halloween.  We met up with Justin's brother and his wife in a small development at their friends house.  I had hoped to get off early that day since I don't get home before 6 at the earliest, and closer to 6:15 or 6:30 if I have to pick up one or both kids.

Well, I got a call from day care at 2:30 that Danny had gotten sick, so I had to go pick him up early.  He had told me he wanted to be a witch, and I had gotten him a couple of things, but he'd gone back and forth a bit and when it came time to get dressed he decided he wanted to be a ghost.  So, I found the whitest pillow case in the house and cut some holes in it and cut the bottom and voila!  A ghost.  When we got that sheet set at our wedding, I sure never imagined that's how one of the pillow cases would end up!  We don't even have the sheets anymore since we traded up to a King bed from a Queen seven years ago.

Sam was a vampire, and Justin was inspired at the last minute to dress up after all, as a LADY!  Yes, those are my clothes!  There was a hilarious moment when he walked out of our bedroom and I was somewhere else and my Mom looked up and for just a moment thought it was me and was about to say I looked nice, then realized it was Justin and started cracking up.

Sampire!  Hamming it up for the camera.

Showing me his costume.  He insisted on the light up skull walking stick, which he did not take trick or treating (yeah.... not like I saw THAT coming at the store or anything).  That's fine, I'm sure he and Danny will get lots of use out of it at home in the crazy games they make up.


Hey, know what you missed?  In February, I became an Aunt!  My sister Kira had her first baby, and she is a charming little cutie named Nora.  I don't get to see them as much as I'd like, Kira comes over to Seattle with Brent from the farm a couple of weekends a month to do the Farmers Markets, so sometimes I can go down and hang out with them.  I have some more photos but I'll probably write a whole post about Nora later!  In the meantime, just enjoy her cheeks and think about how much you want to squeeze her!  We're also going over to the farm for Thanksgiving, which I am really looking forward to!

Here's a photo of Sam & Danny from the same day - we all went to the zoo together.

Tall Ships!

This summer I got to take Wednesdays off to hang out at home with the boys.  It was so great to be able to hang out and spend some time with them.  I like my job to a large extent, but working full time is really hard sometimes.  I miss spending more time with my boys and just feeling like the day has enough hours in it.  A whole post about my job will be forthcoming at some point this month!

This is from a Wednesday I took the boys down to the bay to see the Tall Ships.  It was super call walking on a 'real pirate ship' type ship.  Sam was really nervous at first, and wanted to sit on a bench for a while.  He was much more comfortable inside the captain's quarters and the bottom of the ship, but he did great anyway!

Danny getting some advice from a crew member on how to steer the ship.

Happy boys on a boat!

After we got off the ship, we headed over to the play area and they played on the playground for a while, then we hung out in the grass together and I took some pictures and we just had a good time hanging out.

Sam took this photo of me and Danny with my camera!  Nice job.

And there you have it!  A little peek into my life and I got inspired enough by the photos that I don't feel like I totally copped out and just threw up a couple pictures as my post for today.  See you tomorrow!

NaBloPoMo November 2013

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