November 24, 2013

NaBloPoMo Day 24: To Decorate Me!

Guess what?  I have REALLY been wanting some new long sleeved shirts that are comfortable enough for weekends, but nice enough to wear to work.  How lucky am I that 1. TWO very generous people got me Lane Bryant gift cards for my birthday and 2.  There was a $40 off $100 sale, so I could get even more?!  I am having them shipped to the store so there's no shipping charge (yay!), but they won't be here for 4-8 days... how can I wait?  I went to the store today and tried stuff on so I would know it will all fit when it gets here.  Here's what's coming:

Lane Bryant Basic Black Lace Cami

Freaking Fabulous Lane Bryant Sequin Tee

Lane Bryant Classic V-Neck Striped Sweater

Lane Bryant Sweater Tunic with Chiffon Hem

Lane Bryant Classic V-Neck Sweater (in a green to die for)

Lane Bryant Zip Back High Low Sweater
I ALSO went to Kohl's yesterday because I wanted a new shirt to wear out for my birthday dinner and had a bit of other shopping to do, plus a 20% off coupon.  I ended up with this T, which is super comfy, sparkly, and makes me happy:

Apt 9 Embellished Top


And, my friend Brooke got me this blue shirt as part of my gift.  Probably at Value Village or Goodwill.  She has this weird thrift store magic where she finds awesome things.  I can never find awesome things like she finds when I go to these places.  It's Apt 9, so originally from Kohl's, and it's what I call a "Rachael shirt," she probably took one look at it and had to buy it for me.

I also decided Friday night I wanted fancy nails for my birthday, and I finally tried out the dotting tools I got forever ago and ended up with my favorite mani of all time:


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