November 21, 2013

NaBloPoMo Day 21: Dear Danny

Dear Danny,

As I told your brother, your birthday letter this year is quite late.  Sorry about that!

Today I am at home with you because you are sick.  You have had a fever since yesterday morning, it started at 100 but went up to 102 last night and this morning.  It's down a bit now with Tylenol, but you're still sick.  It's a milestone of your age that you were able to wait for me to go in the kitchen and get a bowl before throwing up this morning.  Even though I hate that you're sick, there's a part of me that likes just spending the time to cuddle with you and hold you and give you comfort.  I know that being held by me or Daddy right now is the best thing to make you feel better while your body fights off whatever it has going on.

You are amazing.  You are officially three and a half now, and it's hard to believe it's been so long since you were born.  Your whole life has been a surprise to me because you are just so completely different than your brother.  How can two little boys with blonde hair and blue eyes be so different when they both came from the same place?  It's amazing.  You have been the smiliest kid I ever saw since you were just a baby, and you're pretty good natured most of the time.  You're loving and you tell me all about everything.

Lately you've been crawling into my bed in the middle of the night, something you never asked for or liked doing before.  I know that Daddy thinks it's a bad habit that needs to be broken, but with working full time I see so much less of you than I used to, and I have to admit that having you snuggled up next to me in the night feels pretty good.

You are so smart.  You know all your letters, and you sound them out, saying things like "buh buh bat!" a lot.  I think that if I pushed it, you could be reading, but I'm in no hurry so I just let you go at your own pace.  As it is, you can look at words and spell out all the letters, and you know which sounds they make.  You know how to read 'on' and 'off' on your light switch in your room, and love playing letter and matching games.  You love puzzles and know your numbers up to 15 and lots of different shapes.  I see pictures you draw and am amazed at how good they are, so recognizable.

Your toddlerhood has been more challenging for me than Sam's was in some ways.  With being so happy most of the time, you also hit the extreme in the other direction.  Sometimes you get so upset so fast, and Sam was always a bit more even tempered, high highs a bit less high and lows not as low.  Navigating uncharted waters can be a challenge, especially when I feel like I should have a map since I've been here before.  

This fall has been really hard for me.  It has been a bit over a year since I went back to work full time, but for a significant amount of that time, you were spending 2-3 days a week with Grandma, then with me and Daddy over the summer.  When Grandma went back to work this fall and you switched to full time daycare, it broke my heart a little bit.  It still does.  There are aspects of working that I really like, and financially, it's necessary right now.  But having you spend more time during the week with someone else than you do with me is unsettling at best.  I miss our days together, of lounging around the house in the morning and then going out walking in the afternoons.  I miss having leisurely special time with you.  You bring joy to everybody.  When I take you places, you light up people's days just be being there with your smile and your observations of the world.

You are totally potty trained now, and you help put on your own buckle in the car seat.  You want to do things yourself as much as you can.  You love helping me with the dishes and sorting laundry, and the other day you vacuumed in the nude with our little dust devil for over half an hour.  It was hilarious.

You love your train tracks, and one day when I stayed home with you and Daddy and Sam were gone, you built about 8 different configurations of the track throughout the day.  You'd build one, play with it for a while, then start taking the pieces one by one and building a new track.  Grandma Edie thinks you're going to be an engineer when you grow up.  I don't know what you're going to be, other than a pretty awesome guy.  Your personality is just wonderful, I can see you growing older and just being the guy who makes friends with anyone and bridges gaps between groups of people who never would have melded.  Your light shines bright, and I'm pretty sure you're going to change the world.

And just think, you're not even four yet!  I love you little butt.



Favorite Color:  Pink and purple
Favorite Book:  Little Critter Where's My Sneaker, Cars board book
Favorite Movie: Cars
Favorite Song: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, You Are My Sunshine, Baa Baa Black Sheep & Landslide
Favorite TV Show: Team Umizoomi, Animal Mechanicals, Handy Manny
Favorite Food: String Cheese,
Favorite Dessert: Donuts, M&Ms, Cupcakes, Cookies... you have a bit of a sweet tooth
Favorite Thing to Do Outside the House: Go to parks, Go exploring ANYWHERE, really!
Best Friend: Adrian

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