September 14, 2012

Dance, Dance

I haven't written about it like I used to, but I am a huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance.  The season finale is next week, and this year they're choosing 2 winners - America's Favorite Guy & America's Favorite Girl.  Which is awesome.  I definitely have a preference in the girls - I totally want Eliana to win.  I remember int he beginning of the season liking Chehon and Cyrus immediately, so I'm surprised that my two favorites made it to the finale!  The boys are tougher to choose a favorite from, because I love Cyrus, but in the end I think I'm really rooting for Chehon, and part of the reason for that is two routines he was in over the last couple of weeks.  I remember when I first started watching SYTYCD I didn't "get" contemporary dance.  Then came this routine:

And I got it.  Now, I don't really get Jazz, but we don't need to talk about that right now.  The above routine was the first one on the show that made me cry.  Last week, Chehon and All-Star Kathryn performed a Tyce D'Orio routine that not only had me crying, but rewinding it two watch again.  Twice.

This week?  Chehon did a Stacy Tookey routine with All-Star Allison that had tears in my eyes yet again.


And then THIS happened.  HOLY CRAP.

Here are a couple of other favorites from this season.

Also, here is a random video I found on YouTube of the top 15 dances (up to a certain point, I'm not sure when) that includes Bleeding Love, the Hummingbird dance, and that awesome addiction routine Mia Michaels did for Kupono and Kayla.

Do you watch this show?  Who do you think should win?  Who got booted that you wished had stayed?  What were your favorites this time around?

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