July 2, 2012

Prayer Requests

It has been quite a while since I updated or changed my prayer request list.  You can find a permanent link over in the right sidebar or by clicking here.  In the past week I've been feeling very strongly that it's time to reach out again.

In my journeys through life and the blogosphere, I often come across people who could use a little bit of positive energy or prayer directed their way. If you're the praying type, if you have positive energy to spare, virtual hugs to send out, or just want to send some smiles or hugs out through the universe, here are some people who could really use them:

Updated July 2, 2012

- As I wrote the other day, stuff is going on.  I could really use your prayers for strength and clarity and peace right now.

- Last week, the fabulous Lindsay Ferrier of Suburban Turmoil unexpectedly lost her stepmother.  I can't even imagine losing a parent, and I've been very lucky that my parents are young and, for the most part, healthy.  I know that she and her family will appreciate any prayers sent their way for peace right now.

- Sarah at Redefining Perfect shared recently about her family's struggle with depression.  It can be such a difficult thing to deal with. Though I have some firsthand experience dealing with it, I've been lucky that most of the people I love who struggle suffer from fairly mild depression. It is hard to imagine being in the dark place that Sarah's husband is, and knowing how to make it through. Let's pray for peace and a way into the light for this wonderful family.

- One of the local Moms in my Facebook group just found out her 9 year old brother has cancer. I am also waiting right now to hear about the most recent scan in a long time friend of mine who was diagnosed last fall with stage 4 breast cancer. Prayers for healing, comfort, and good news.

- A friend of mine just found out she's pregnant.  Prayers for a happy and healthy 9 months for her!

- Another friend's husband just lost his uncle.  It's never easy to lose someone close to you, and I pray for comfort for anyone who is struggling with this kind of loss.

- Mir at Coulda Woulda Shoulda shared the other day about her 14 year old daughter's ongoing struggle with serious mental illness.  The story isn't for the faint of heart, but can be found here: In the never after.  I don't have the words to even say how much I feel for her, and how hard it is for me to even imagine what her family is going through right now.  There are so many prayers we can offer.  For healing, for treatment plans that work, for love between a family, for peace, for acceptance, and for comfort.

- I have just fallen in love with Finding Magnolia, the blog of a family that's been made complete by two gorgeous little girls they've adopted from Ethiopia.  In fact, they just traveled to meet their 2nd daughter last week.  Little Elvie has some health issues, and the full extent and treatment plan cannot be known until they are back in the US with their doctors here.  She is severely malnourished, which must be difficult for anyone to see in any person, let alone a child, let alone a child you've fallen in love with. I want to pray for everything for them.  For a good treatment plan, a great outcome, and most of all for their happiness and meshing together as a now family of four.  These people have so much love to give that you can just see it, and I wish them all the best as their journey continues.

- My heart just goes out to all of the people in Colorado who have lost their homes in the last week or two to the wildfires there.  They are all in my prayers.


- My father in law Harold has been having increasing issues with his Parkinson's Disease and his health. Please pray for his health, his well being, and for us to all find the right ways to interact with each other and protect each other.

- One of my best friends, Sati, is trying to start a family. She is an amazing woman, and she's waited a long time for this. So far, she hasn't been able to conceive, and just found out her sister is expecting a little surprise. Please keep her in your thoughts and send lots of fertility vibes to her. I struggled with watching friends get pregnant while I was waiting for my turn, and it was really hard.

- The Unnamed Women - I don't have faces, I don't have names. But I'd like to ask for prayers and positive thoughts for the women we serve through our volunteer work at Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services. We see sad things, things that make us angry, and things that just make us desperately want to help in some way. Unfortunately, we can't always do that. I pray every time that every woman out there who is assaulted has the strength and self-worth to get out, to value themselves, and to heal from the things that have held them down.

Please feel free to leave a comment with anyone you'd like to add, whether you need prayers or know someone else who does, and I'll add them to the list. I'll add, remove, and give updates as time goes by... Thanks for your positivity!

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