June 5, 2012

Week 26: Another Good One!

Current Weight:  220
+/-  this week:  -2.4
+/- this round:   -29.8
+/- total:    -47.2
Current Short Term Goal:  217 (50 pounds lighter)

I had another good week on the scales this week!  I am 0.2 lbs from -30!  Exciting.  And only 3 lbs away from -50 pounds overall.

I went over my weekly points again... I am just not being disciplined enough.  Maybe this week I'll be back on track.  I've been eating more fruit again and menu planning helps a TON.

I only got 28 activity points this week, which is almost double my "goal" that the Weight Watchers website gave me.  But I like to walk a lot.  Like at least an hour at least four times a week.  Unfortunately I hurt my foot last Friday.  I went for a walk in what turned out to be an ill advised pair of shoes.  That night, my foot hurt and when I posted about it on Facebook several of my friends suggested that it sounds like Plantar Faciitis.  Which... well, it's annoying.  I can do stretches and try to stay off it, but four days later it still hurts and I haven't been able to go for a walk in four days.  I can't afford to buy expensive shoes, but luckily I do have a pair of Keens and one of my friends said hers are really good for this.  In any case, we'll just have to see how things go.  I talked to Justin the other day about bringing the eliptical machine in from the garage.  Yeah, it'll be an eyesore but we pretty much never have people over anyhow, and I could do it while we watch TV after the kids are in bed which would be really nice.  So maybe I can get him to help me with that in the next couple of days.

Last week I mentioned my goal of being under 200 by my birthday on November 23.  Well, I looked at the calendar and I have 25 weeks until my birthday, so I would have to average less than a pound a week in order to meet that goal.  When I put it that way, it sounds pretty do-able, doesn't it?!  The idea of being under 200 pounds is really exciting to me.  For a long time I had the idea in my head that if I ever got to 200 lbs, THEN I would FOR SURE do something about it.  Then it turned into 210, 225, 250 etc.  Well, I am finally ACTUALLY doing something about it, and this will really mean a lot to me if I can make it happen.

Next week I think I'll update my measurements and see what's happening there.

Starting Weight 1 (Feb 2009):  267 lbs
Starting Weight 2 (Dec 2011):  249.8 lbs
Starting BMI:  41.8

Weight Lost:  47.2 lbs
Goal Weight: 160 lbs
Goal BMI:  25.1

Short Term Goal 1: 237.8 (5%) - Met 1/24/12
Short Term Goal 2: 225.8 (10%) - Met 4/10/12
Short Term Goal 3:  217 (50 pounds down)
Short Term Goal 4: 213.5 (50% of final goal)
Short Term Goal 5:  207 (60 pounds down)
Short Term Goal 6: 199.9 (under 200 for the first time in 7+ years)
Short Term Goal 7: 192 (75 pounds down)
Short Term Goal 8: 189.8 (25% &  no longer "obese")

Long Term Goal: 160 lbs
Total to Lose:  107 lbs
To Go: 60 lbs


Enz said...

It is definitely doable. But don't look too far ahead, take one week, one day at a time to get there. You will. You are doing so great.

Nicki Ditch said...

You are doing awesome!!  Keep on keeping on!!!  =)

I nominated you for "The Lovely Blog Award."  Go to http://thenlistblog.com/2012/06/11/and-id-like-to-thank/ to find out what to do next!