May 15, 2012

Week 23: Getting Back on Track

Current Weight:  223.0 (last week)+/-   
this week:  -?
+/- this round:   -26.8
+/- total:    -44.9
Current Short Term Goal:  217 (50 pounds lighter)

I had a pretty bad week.  Didn't get a ton of activity and went way over my weekly points.  I decided not to go get weighed today.  First, I left my book at home, then after thinking about it I decided that I don't need to.  I know I didn't lose, and I might have gained, and I've been off track.  I don't need a number on a scale to tell me that.  So instead, I am going to get back on track and go back next week.  I think that skipping every once in a while is fine, as long as you're not doing it solely to avoid thining about where you are or how you've been doing.

In other news, I have an awesome problem.  My pants don't fit.  Most of my long pants are too big, and it's starting to get warmer so I'm wearing a lot of my capris and pedal pushers, but I need at least a couple of pairs of long pants that fit.  Especially since where I live, there are plenty of days even in the summer where it's a bit chilly.  The problem is that I have not been able to find new jeans that fit, are comfortable, and are within what I want to pay.  Part of the issues it that all of them seem to be so LONG.  I don't get this... I am 5'7", which is 3 inches above the national average height... so why are all the pants several inches too long on me???  I am even long legged/short torsoed... it makes no sense.  I'm going to try going back to  Labels, a local consignment, to see if I can find any there.

That's about it for this week.  Today or tomorrow I'm going to make a new menu plan and go shopping so I can start cooking delicious meals again because that always helps keep me on track.  How was your week?

Starting Weight 1 (Feb 2009):  267 lbs
Starting Weight 2 (Dec 2011):  249.8 lbs
Starting BMI:  41.8

Weight Lost:  44.9 lbs
Goal Weight: 160 lbs
Goal BMI:  25.1

Short Term Goal 1: 237.8 (5%) - Met 1/24/12
Short Term Goal 2: 225.8 (10%) - Met 4/10/12
Short Term Goal 3:  217 (50 pounds down)
Short Term Goal 4: 213.5 (50% of final goal)
Short Term Goal 5:  207 (60 pounds down)
Short Term Goal 6: 199.9 (under 200 for the first time in 7+ years)
Short Term Goal 7: 192 (75 pounds down)
Short Term Goal 8: 189.8 (25% & no longer "obese")

Long Term Goal: 160 lbs
Total to Lose:  107 lbs
To Go: 63 lbs


Brieshon said...

Great job getting back on track! No idea about the pants, though. As a fellow tall/long-legged lady, I usually find average pants are too short and long pants are too long. Annoying. I have noticed my pants being longer as my width gets smaller (though the next size down is still too tight/short. Argh!). At least hemming is easier than adding length! Hope you find something at Labels!

Downwardtrenz said...

While I've been losing weight, I often buy clothes from a thrift shop and becasue I am SOOOO short, paying the $7 to have them shortened isn't a big deal if I only paid $5 for them in the first place.

Ashesela said...

Ugh, I gained weight!!  Well, I think I lost a tiny bit, but I weighed myself for the first time in ages (we don't have a working scale here) and I weight like 15 lbs more than I thought!! D:  EEEE!!