May 9, 2012

Week 22: Keep on Truckin'

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Current Weight:  223.0
+/-  this week:  -1.2
+/- this round:   -26.8
+/- total:    -44.9
Current Short Term Goal:  217 (50 pounds lighter)

Another good week at the scales!  I didn't expect this much of a loss since I went over my weekly points again (imagine how well I might do if I STOPPED doing that...) and didn't get a ton of activity points because Justin was out of town and other people were in town, and it just wasn't quite a normal week.

I've got 3.2 pounds to go before I hit 30 pounds down for this round, and then less than 2 pounds after that to his minus 50 overall.  I hope that I can keep going steadily and get there soon!

I know that there was something I was thinking about talking about this week related to weight loss and food, but I am so exhausted that I can't remember what it was.  Maybe next week!

Starting Weight 1 (Feb 2009):  267 lbs
Starting Weight 2 (Dec 2011):  249.8 lbs
Starting BMI:  41.8

Weight Lost:  44.9 lbs
Goal Weight: 160 lbs
Goal BMI:  25.1

Short Term Goal 1: 237.8 (5%) - Met 1/24/12
Short Term Goal 2: 225.8 (10%) - Met 4/10/12
Short Term Goal 3:  217 (50 pounds down)
Short Term Goal 4: 213.5 (50% of final goal)
Short Term Goal 5:  207 (60 pounds down)
Short Term Goal 6: 199.9 (under 200 for the first time in 7+ years)
Short Term Goal 7: 192 (75 pounds down)
Short Term Goal 8: 189.8 (25% & no longer "obese")

Long Term Goal: 160 lbs
Total to Lose:  107 lbs
To Go: 63 lbs

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