May 3, 2012

This is Me from A to Z

I saw this over at Ramble Ramble back in February and wanted to do it.  The main reason is because I am a list-o-holic.  I love lists.  Just as my husband.  Since tomorrow is my SITS feature day (squeeeee!) it seemed like a good time to share some random stuff about myself with all of you!

A. Age: 31

B. Bed size: King.  My Mother-in-law bought it for us just before Sam was born and I love it.

C. Chore that you hate: Cleaning the shower.  I hate it.  There is just something about the way you have to bend and scrub.  Also, mopping.  I don't mind vacuuming but I despise mopping.

D. Dogs: I like them, but don't have any right now.

E. Essential start to your day: Protein of some sort.

F. Favorite color: Cerulean blue, interstate green.

G. Gold or Silver: Silver, mostly. I have a few gold pieces though.

H. Height: 5’7″

I. Instruments you play: I used to play the piano, and I hope to re-learn it someday.

J. Job title: CEO of the Heiner Household

K. Kids: Sam turned six yesterday and Danny will be two in a week
L. Live: Bellingham, WA.  It's pretty great here!

M. Mother’s name: Edie.

N. Nicknames: Mommy, Mama, Ray

O. Overnight hospital stays: Once when I was very young and got dehydrated, and once when I had Sam.

P. Pet peeves: Misuse of apostrophes, pants with words on the ass, dreadlocks on white people.

Q. Quote from a movie: “If you're gonna eat like an animal, take your food out to the barn." - Prancer

R. Right- or left-handed: Right

S. Siblings: Two younger sisters, Kira is 29 and Lianna is 13.

T. Tattoos & Piercings: Three holes in each earlobe, seven tattoos - pictures here and here.

U. Underwear: Mostly Lane Bryant cotton, nothing fancy.

V. Vegetable(s) you hate: Celery (is that a vegetable?), mushrooms

W. What makes you run late: My kids and the ridiculous amount of stuff that needs to go everywhere with us.

X. X-Rays you’ve had: My collarbone when I was 4 and broke it.  Other than that, mostly just my teeth.

Y. Yummy food that you make: Guacamole, spaghetti with grape tomatoes and chicken, tacos, pizza.

Z. Zoo animal: Red panda.  Any big cat.  Tapirs and wombats.


Ediehope said...

I saw a Tapir on a trail in Costa Rica. Totally unexpected and cool!

Deanna @ Little Green Bow said...

Love this list idea! What a great way to let us get to know you a bit. Stopping by for your SITS day and having fun looking around. I might have to borrow this list when it's my turn if you don't mind. Nice to meet you! Off to explore more...

Luci Gabel said...

Vey nice blog.  I'm on blogger and I love the look of your blog and would love to have something similar. 

Ann Doley said...

I love this - plan to do it with my students!  Thanks.