May 5, 2012

Saturday Share

A while ago, I used to use Saturdays to post things I found around the web that I loved or that made me laugh. I haven't done it in a while, but especially now that the 'share' function is gone from Google Reader (boooo), I am finding that I don't have a good way to share these things anymore.  So, I'm going to start doing Saturday Share again!  I hope you'll enjoy these things as much as I did.

The Day My Son Left for Boot Camp at Joy Unexpected - I have been reading Yvonne's blog for a long time, and it's one of my favorites.  She has totally inspired me with her efforts to lose weight despite a jerk of a thyroid.  Her love for her kids is big and amazing, and she is honest and sometimes raw.  On Wednesday, she drove her oldest son to the Military Entrance Processing Station and sent him off to boot camp.  I almost can't think about it without crying.  Letting go of your child, sending them off into the world, and knowing they will be going through so many trials is more than I can comprehend.  Man, it's bad enough putting your 5 year old on a bus to Kindergarten, and that's nothing comparatively!  Yvonne's words are beautiful.

The Instinct of Birth at Bellies & Babies - If you're new here, I'll let you in on a little secret.  I'm a bit of a birth junkie.  I have big opinions about how birth and pregnant women are viewed and treated in our culture, and I am very interested in everything having to do with it.  Sometimes I consider that maybe when my kids are older I'll become a childbirth educator or a midwife.  This is a great article about how instinctual birth can be if women feel comfortable and free.  The third story in particular touched my heart.

It's Ok. at Magneto Bold Too - I love Kelley.  She is hilarious, she is honest, and sometimes crass.  Sometimes you forget that she is also an incredible mother and writer.  Until she posts something like this.  And you get something in your eye.  And you remember how glad you are to be reading the words of someone so amazing.

About a Boy at Girl's Gone Child - Rebecca's was one of the first blogs I ever started reading.  When her book Rockabye came out, I went to Seattle and met her and listened to her speak.  She is an amazing writer, and her family is just beautiful.  I love ever post she writes, and she is certainly one of the best writers online anywhere.  I love that she shares her family with all of us.

What did you read this week that you loved?

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