May 10, 2012

Dear Danny - Two!

Dear Danny,

I absolutely cannot believe that you are turning two today.  Two years ago today I was having a birth experience that was much different than I'd imagined, but perfect in it's own way.  I don't think I will ever get tired of sharing the story of how you came into the world, no matter how old I get.

You are still the happiest kid I've ever known.  You are smiling more often than not, and you have this way of scrunching up your face and grinning that makes it impossible not to smile back.  

During the times you're NOT smiling, lately your feelings have become clear, and it has been patently obvious that you are now a two year old.  The other day you screamed bloody murder as you walked inconsolably back and forth between the kitchen and living room.  Why?  Because I would not let you have more than two spoons to put in MY cereal which it turned out you did not even want to share, just wanted to play with.  Daddy and I don't remember Sam being this way.  But with such happiness being the norm, it only made sense that your twos would be more terrible.

Those times are in the minority though.  Most of the time, you are delightful.  You have started talking more, and in the last week alone have started to say 'up', 'help', and 'hi'.  You say 'yeah' and 'car' and 'dog' and 'mama' and 'e-e' for Grandma Edie.  When you say 'dada' you almost always say it in a funny growly voice, and when you say 'cat' your voice gets really high.  I just can't wait until we can really talk to each other.

You love to play with cars and are starting to enjoy puzzles a lot.  You love to take things in and out, and stack, and line things up.  Your favorite toys are your Mickey Mouse toys, the alligator you pull, and the ride-on pony that our friends got you for your birthday last year.  Even though you still don't ride it right, you stand up and lift it with your hands and walk around with it between your legs.  It's actually really funny.  You love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Octonauts.  You like to jump and bounce, and you give the best hugs.  You will eat most foods, as long as someone nearby is eating it too.  Your favorite food right now is clementine oranges.

My love for you can't be contained in words, and I can't REALLY explain to the world how fabulous you are.  I captured this photo of you at the Tulip Festival, and it is just so... YOU.

I love you, little man!  Happy Birthday.


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Erin said...

Happy Birthday to your little guy!  He is adorable :)  Love his big light up the room smile!