May 2, 2012

Comment on Comments

To those of you who have left comments recently & had them disappear, were you posting them from your mobile phone?  I did a little digging and I can see your original comments in blogger, but it looks like if you have the mobile templates enabled (which they did automatically), Disqus doesn't transfer over so it would show the original blogger commenting form and then those comments were not translating to Disqus.  Annoying.  Anyhow, I disabled the mobile template because I don't care about it that much, and that should fix the problem, and no more comments should get lost.


Andrea @ No Doubt Learning said...

This is a good idea!  I loved Bellingham.  I went to college in Tacoma - I'm still working on moving back up to WA again!  Enjoy your SITS day!

Andrea @ No Doubt Learning said...

OOps, this was supposed to go under your A-Z post. :)