April 4, 2012

Week 17: Short & Sweet

Current Weight:  226.6
+/- this week:  -1.2
+/- this round:   -23.2
+/- total:    -41.3
Current Short Term Goal:   225.8 (10%)

Oops!  I totally forgot to post this yesterday.  I don't have much time, I'm about to head down to Seattle for a (hopefully not too wet) visit to the zoo with my best friend & her kiddos.  Sam and Danny haven't been there in a while, and my sister's going to come too, so that will be fun.  I really don't like being out in the rain, but I'll suck it up since the kids don't mind as much.  I packed extra everything - clothes, shoes, coats etc.

This week I was pleasantly surprised again by a 1.2 pound loss.  I wasn't really expecting it because I didn't eat super great, but I did get a lot of activity points this week, so that helps a lot!  I am feeling really good lately about my progress - less than a pound to reach my 10% goal, and next week I'll hit my 16 week milestone with Weight Watchers (I've skipped 2 meetings since I started, so my count here is different).  I feel like maybe this really will be my year... could it be possible?

I was thinking about it the other day, and realized I have lost a whole Danny since December.  And a whole Sam total.  That's crazy!  When I pick Sam up and carry him, it's hard to believe that I used to have that much more weight on me.  Even with Danny if I hold him for more than a few minutes, he starts to feel heavy.  Revelations like this are really motivational to me, and make me feel more proud of what I've done even though some days it doesn't feel like a lot since I have so far to go still.

I finally made a new meal plan on Monday, so we're back on track for delicious, healthy meals.  Last night we had one of my favorites, spaghetti w/chicken and grape tomatoes.  I added some tasty sweet peppers that Justin's co-worker gave him and it would have been perfect if not for a pasta snafu.  I was out of my regular brand (Ancient Harvest Quinoa pasta - delicious!) and used some other gluten free pasta I had by DeBoles... it did not turn out well, after it sat for a few minutes while I cooked the tomatoes etc. it turned into a huge, mushy mess.  Justin compared the texture to oatmeal.  Appetizing, right?

I went to the mall and did over an hour of walking yesterday, and should get some good walking in at the zoo today and Northwest Trek this weekend.  Challenges will be today at the zoo, then Saturday and Sunday away from home visiting family & friends (plus Easter candy).  I'll have to try to get a lot of activity points this week!

Starting Weight 1 (Feb 2009):  267 lbs
Starting Weight 2 (Dec 2011):  249.8 lbs
Starting BMI:  41.8

Weight Lost:  41.3 lbs
Goal Weight: 160 lbs
Goal BMI:  25.1

Short Term Goal 1: 237.8 (5%) - Met 1/24/12
Short Term Goal 2: 225.8 (10%)
Short Term Goal 3:  217 (50 pounds down)
Short Term Goal 4: 213.5 (50% of final goal)

Long Term Goal: 160 lbs
Total to Lose:  107 lbs
To Go: 66.6 lbs

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