April 29, 2012


Sam's birthday is this Wednesday.  Justin is leaving on a mission trip to Mexico on Tuesday morning, so we had his birthday party this weekend so Justin could be there.  Sam wanted to have his party at Jump Around Fun Zone.  At first I wasn't sure because of the cost, but then I realized it's awesome.  They provide ALL the activity the kids need, balloons, pizza, drinks, cake, a shirt for the birthday boy, and goody bags for all the kids.  You don't have to help clean up, and they even make the gift list for thank-you cards.  Win!  No unwanted leftovers, just a few slices of pizza.  The cake was the perfect size so we don't have a big cake sitting in the kitchen calling me either.  It was great.

Sam had an amazing time.  It was a funny mix of kids - one boy from his preschool who we haven't seen in nearly a year, kids from his class, other kindergarten classes, and first grade, friends from Seattle and family.  Here are a few of my favorite photos from the day.

Drawing pictures for Sam

Chalkboard tables?  Awesome!

Delicious cake from Pure Bliss

The conversation that was happening here, remembered by my Mom: " He had this overall demeanor of bewildered joy during the present opening portion. Did you see the look on his face when Chasey gave him just what he wanted? He said, "How did you know what I like?" and she said, "I just thought you would like those things." I thought his little heart was going to burst."

Reading his own cards for the first time ever!

I just love him looking up at me in this one.

Deep in contemplation after opening all the presents.

They had a cool chalkboard where people could draw pictures/write messages.

Sam with his Grandma & Grandpa.

My best friend's daughter - too cute for words!

Danny in the "balloon forest" on the way home in the car.
I just can't believe how big he is.  He had such a good time, and it was a great day!

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