March 14, 2012

Going to the Chapel!

I have been bursting at the seams with some exciting news that I couldn't share right away.  In December, my sister Kira and her boyfriend Brent came up to Bellingham to spend Christmas morning with our familiy and visit some friends.  In addition to having our frist Christmas with Brent, we had another reason to celebrate because on Christmas Eve, my sister got engaged!  Okay, one exclamation point is not going to be enough here...

My awesome sister, Kira
MY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kira & Brent in Hawaii last November

I am beyond excited.  Brent is an awesome guy, and he treats my sister as well as she deserves.  He is kind and carrying, and it's easy to see how much he loves her.  Also, he gives me free bacon from his farm.  REALLY good bacon.

When we were little

Seriously though, I am so happy for my sister that I could literally cry... I am a big emotion ball.  I can't wait for so many things.  Welcoming Brent more into our family, having my kids get to know him better (he is great with them), visiting them on the farm and spending time there once Kira moves out there, helping my sister plan her wedding, using up an entire box of tissues at her wedding (you know that's going to happen - the other day I got slightly choked up when I realized after she moves, she might not want to stay on the family cell phone plan with me and Justin), and there has been talk of possible little Kira & Brents at some point... The idea of my sister having kids fills me with the kind of happiness that can't be put into words.  These people are going to be absolutely amazing parents.

Me and Kira the day Sam was born

Kira and teeny weeny Sam

Kira and Sam on his birthday last year

Kira and Sam with Danny the morning after he was born

I have so much to look forward to and I'm so happy about all of it.  I'm lucky to have a sister who is so close in age to me, we've been in very different places and I'm just excited to share all of the things that have been so amazing in my life now that she'll get to experience them.

Me and Kira at my wedding

She is one of my best friends, and beyond any of that she is a pretty amazing woman with exceptional thoughts and ideas.  I love her more than I can really say, and I can't wait to add her wedding to my list of special memories I share with her.


Teri M said...

So excited for her (and you!).  :)

Liz Sawyer said...

A beautiful post... 

Enz said...

The day my sister got married, I was as happy as the day my boys were born.

Best wishes for her :)