February 15, 2012

Job Hunting

I have been looking for a part time job for a while, and after looking at our finances the other day I kind of need one.  I should say that I would be working when my mom or Justin could be watching Danny and Sam, otherwise there would be no point - I would just spend everything I made paying for child care.

Anyway, I found out last week that they're opening a Torrid in the mall here!  That is awesome because there's a Lane Bryant, but other than that there's not really a good place to buy plus size stuff that's cute.  I filled out an application and had a little mini interview on Thursday, and on Saturday I got a call they they decided to go with people who "more closely fit" their hiring needs.  I guess that translates to me not being young/hip/pinup-like enough.  I was pretty annoyed when I got the message - I have great experience and pretty open availability, and I know they have a lot of spots since they're just opening.

I looked online again and didn't find much.  I haven't worked in retail for a while, but honestly the idea of having a job where I stand up and walk around while I'm doing it is actually appealing to me at this point.  But I haven't been finding many postings and I don't want to work at K-Mart.  Yesterday I was perusing Craig's List again and found out the Lane Bryant in our mall is hiring.

Today I went to the mall and filled out an application.  I asked her the timeframe and she said she's hoping to collect applications through next week then interview.  She also said that they usually get a good response from Craig's List, but that it's been slow this time.  That's good news for me, because it means less competition.  She also said that she's looking for someone mostly for morning/daytime, which is exactly what I want.  So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Rachel said...

Good luck!

Teri M said...

I'll think good thoughts for you!

Jennifer Short said...

I'm not sure how it is at Sam's school, but I periodically get notices from James' school that they need part-time help in the cafeteria.  It's only a few hours a day, and can be just a few days a week, and they pay a bit more than minimum wage (at least here they do).  That's not retail, but might be something to check into if you haven't already...I'll bet Sam would love it :)