January 25, 2012

Non Sequitur

Last time I had a day off, I sat on the bottom floor of the library building at the community college where Justin works. I had plans - I wanted to read some that day, and write a few blog posts. Instead, I went for a walk after I dropped Sam off at school. I took some pictures of details on some of the houses around the Columbia neighborhood and played with my new camera lens. I went to my Weight Watcher's meeting, then I plonked myself down at a table with my computer, and sat there for 5 hours. And I didn't write much. I DID write (as in by hand) a long (and long overdue) letter to my penpal, which took over an hour. I did get to talk to my sister on the phone for almost an hour and get all caught up. I did get caught up with all the posts in my feedreader. And I managed to post my weekly update. But I didn't write much. Part of me feels disappointed about it, even though I got a couple things done that I really wanted to do, I also wanted to write and spend part of the day reading. Sometimes, I feel like there are not enough hours to finish everything I want to finish. I get a whole day off once a week, which is absolutely amazing. Somehow at the end of that day, I'm always left feeling like there was SOMETHING I didn't get done. I guess that's just life, right?  I find that with limited amounts of time, I have a hard time deciding which things I want to do, and which to push aside.  There are emails in my inbox that I should have already replied to, but instead I was reading blog posts.  There were phone calls I could have made, appointments to be scheduled, that I didn't even think about all day.  Right now Danny is not able to take care of himself to the point where I can get much done at home.  It will be nice when he's a bit older and I can do some of those things during the day while he's around.  Or not.  Who am I kidding anyhow, Sam is five and still wants to be with me most of the time.


This Tuesday, I'm felt more relaxed.  I had to take Sam to an appointment this morning, so I didn't get started on my day until about 11:30.  I headed straight to my Weight Watchers meeting, which took until 1:00 once I got in and got settled.  It was worth it, my weigh in was rewarding this week when I met my first short term goal of losing 5% of my weight.  It's slow going, but I am feeling really optimistic about it right now.  I went shopping for a couple of things, and got curtain rods to hang in the hall to create a gallery for Sam's work.  I can't wait to see it done, and I'll post photos when it's finished.  I haven't gotten to any of the posts in my reader, and I've only read about 20 pages today, but I'm looking forward to my date night with Justin tonight.  Maybe all of this is partly a result of being trapped in my house last week for literally almost a week.  From Friday to Friday, I left the house for 3 hours on Saturday with the kids, and for about 6 hours on Monday to attend a memorial service.  After that, we were snowed in until Friday afternoon!  It was crazy.  So I appreciate my freedom today!


I can't believe it's almost February.  I feel like this month has flown by (despite the way last week seemed to drag on and on while it was happening).  I got to go down to Seattle last Friday to visit my best friend - I'm going to do that once a month from now on.  I've been missing her like crazy lately and it was really, really nice to spend time with her.  We hung out, did a Golden Globe winner double feature and saw The Artist and The Descendants, and stayed up until 2 in the morning talking.  It nurtured my spirit. 


 I feel like I haven't been writing enough, and I need to find my muse again.  I know that there are words in here that want to escape, I just need to find a way to lure them out.

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Enz said...

January has flown by and I am already sick of Winter, despite how mild it's been. I hate that "cooped" up feeling!!!