January 27, 2012

Friday Fragments: Igloos, Vampires & Snowy Owls

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We have been in the process of having Sam formally evaluated for possible Aspergers or developmental delays.  This week, though, he was acting so much more mature.  My Mom pointed out that Sam has had a pattern of being about six months behind, so it may make sense that he is now moving from acting like a 4 1/2 year old to acting more like a typical 5 year old.  For the first time this week he actually answered my question about what he learned at school that day!  He told me that snowy owls build their nests on the ground.  Female snowy owls.  It is so amazing to get these glimpses into the kinds of conversations and time together we might have a year from now.


Danny on the other hand has been a TOTAL pill this week.  At first we thought maybe he was getting sick.  Now it's been going on for days - he is tired, he whines all day long...  I am starting to think maybe he's about to reach some huge milestone.  Maybe to start talking?  That would sure be nice!


We went and saw Underworld Awakening this week.  It was just as I expected, and I quite enjoyed it.  I was really surprised that the girl in it was India Eisley.  Why?  Because I saw her on The Secret Life of the American Teenager when I watched the first season, and I totally thought she was a TERRIBLE actress.  I guess that's just how her character was supposed to be on that show??  I quite enjoyed her in this movie.  I enjoyed the movie as a whole, I am a huge vampire/werewolf fan and have seen all four of these in the theaters.  And if they don't make a fifth, I will be SERIOUSLY surprised since the ending might as well have said "to be continued."


Speaking of vampires, I'm currently listening to the audiobook of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  I'm really enjoying it!  Part of the reason is because there is so much history in it - I did not know much about Abraham Lincoln and now I know more.  I also find that I have trouble reading historical fiction that's written in the manner of the time, but that if I can read a historical novel written in modern terms, I really, really enjoy them.


This post at Absolutely Bananas cracked me up.  Because, only in Seattle would you come across an igloo and find a bunch of hippies smoking weed inside of it.


I was touched by this post over at Geek in Heels about her first time volunteering serving food at a local homeless shelter.  A lot of times, we do forget how much we have, and how amazing the things we get to experience day to day are.  Volunteering is so rewarding, and lately I have really been missing my volunteer work.  I think it might be time to figure out how to go back to DVSAS, or find another place that will fit into my schedule.


This made me giggle.


tracismixedbag said...

Yay! I'm a vampire fan as well and I'm reading Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter too! I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to make it to the theater to watch Underworld but I'm happy to hear your review. Happy Friday!

Diane said...

That video was too funny.  Love the way he saved that.  

Reminds me of the time I could have sworn I had mine turned off in church but oops!  I didn't and it went off.  I got some dirty looks.  

Happy Friday! :)

Profwaynewsmith said...

We went through the phases when my son was tested for Autism.  It turned out to be an actual relief when he was diagnosed because then he had access to all of the services that has really helped him in his development.   Visiting from FF - http://www.waynewsmith.com/2012/01/friday-fragment-v11.html

Tami Miller said...

I saw a poster at the movie theater for "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter". I didn't realize it was a book too.  I will check it out.  I like reading the books before I watch the movie.  

Andrea White said...

The violin guy took it in stride! lol. I love listening to the violin. I could seriously do that all day. Since we are moving to Seattle in a  couple of months (and now I'm going to have to click that igloo link to see where not to live!) I'm thinking I need some good violin music for those rainy stormy days where you snuggle up with a book and coffee or just stare out the window at the storm. Since I'm from Washington, I'm excited after 16 years to be going home again.

Best of luck with the testing. I'm an aspergers mom, so I totally understand what all that is like. It's always hard in some respects but when you see your child shine and meet a goal, there's absolutely nothing like it.

The Laundress said...

I find that mine also gets cranky pants when she's starting to get sick or reaching a new "milestone"...do they still call them that at 8? 

Mrs4444 said...

I'm glad you're getting Sam evaluated. To be honest, I had a fleeting thought, when reading your last post; "Does he have Aspergers?" but I read so many blogs by moms with kids on the spectrum, I couldn't remember. Getting some answers would be helpful. Let me know how it goes.

I feel the same way about historical fiction.

I also agree about volunteering; I think I get more out of it than the person getting my time!

Have a wonderful week, Rachael!! :)