November 3, 2011

Writer's Workshop: I can't understand the world

I've been enjoying participating in Mama Kat's writing workshops. This week, I went with #3: 

3.) Write a post in just in eight lines. (inspired by Mommy Nani Boo Boo).  (I interpreted lines as sentences, so mine's a little longer than some of the others.)

Is that really necessary?

Complaining about a $70 increase in your taxes that will pay for roads because it's not fair that households with cars and households with no cars have to have the same tax increase?

Are you really that hard up, because this morning I saw a homeless woman on the corner begging for diapers for her child.

Having the bass up so loud in your car that it is shaking my car as I sit in front of you at a stop sign?

Refusing to vaccinate your child, then feeding them a lollipop with chicken pox so they can gain natural immunity?!?

Do you know that your non-vaccinated child can infect smaller, weaker children who are not old enough yet for vaccination and cause serious illness and death?

Denying gay people the right to marry, but giving that right to Kim Kardashian and watching her get divorced after 72 DAYS?

Sometimes I can't understand the world around me.


Alison@Mommy is a Power Ranger said...

I am so with you on the vaccination thing.  I constantly get lectured by my MIL that vaccines are bad and I shouldn't vaccinate her grandchildren because it causes more harm than good.  It makes me want to scream.  People, why do you think pertussis and measles are back? Vaccinate your kids and vaccinate yourself!

Nicki Ditch said...

Oh my gosh!  I would need to do a prompt that said, "80 lines" in order to list all the "is it necessaries!"  Wow.  The vaccination thing gets me pissed too. I will admit, I exposed my daughter to chicken pox when her friend had them because at the time, the vaccination was so new (she is 17 now) and I didn't trust it.  Her doc told me, "You are right to worry.  The vaccination is only a year old and we have not seen all the effects yet.  If she had not had the chicken pox by the time she is 5 and starts kindergarten, I would strongly suggest she get it."  I was happy with his support.  At the age of 5, she got the shot...then got a full blown case the very next day so clearly, she had been exposed before she got the shot.  Poor kid.  =)

Cheryl Chapa said...

Hey, I wrote about that stupid sham of a marriage today too!  And I could go on all day on the vaccination thing!

shellthings said...

Chicken pox lollipop??????? Seriously?????

Wombat Central said...

Kim who? Exactly. :P I can't believe the media even give her the time of day. 

Supah Mama said...

Amen (to all of it) and I was FLOORED by the lollipop. SERIOUSLY? I mean, I don't twitch when my kids don't wash their hands every 20 minutes or if they eat something they dropped on the floor (immunities, people!) but not vaccinating kids? Ludicrous.

mayger said...

Wow, I didn't expect an educational piece!  But I was completely unaware of the chicken pox parties.  The lollipops leave me feeling queasy.~May

Lnayim said...

Chickenpox lollipops?  Horrifying.

I had a friend who lost her 6-month pregnancy because a dumb-a** parent brought their actively chicken-pox infected child to our workplace.  Ironically, my friend's parents hadn't had her immunized when she was a child because her sister had chicken pox and they thought it wasn't necessary.