November 23, 2011

Thirty One

Today, I am 31. 

I can honestly say that right now, my life is more difficult than it ever has been for a variety of reasons, most of which I can't really write about out here.  I hope that my birthday next year will be better. 

There ARE some things I am looking forward to though.  Tonight, my Mom will make me stromboli and a pecan pie for my birthday dinner.  Friday, I get to have dinner with some of my very best friends and see a silly movie.  Saturday I get to spend time with my sister, who I miss and love.  Christmas is coming, and I get to watch Sam and Danny enjoy it.  I wish I could be happier today.  So, anyway.  Here are my two favorite pictures of myself from when I was a kid.



If you want to give me a birthday present, leave a comment with a joke or a link to something online that made you laugh lately.


Katya Kate said...

OMG you're such a cute and pretty girl!!! Your mom must be so fond of you! And 31 is not bad. I'm 32 but I still felt like 21? hahaha. Happy birthday! Cheers!

By the way, I so love your blog hence I'm giving you an award. The details are on my blog, please check it out! Thanks! :) Congratulations!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday!

Mmmmm, stromboli sounds yummy.  I'll pass on the pie, though. ;)  
What silly movie are you going to see?

tettelestai said...

What adorable pictures!!!  Sorry my birthday wishes are late, happy birthday!!!  I also hope that next year you have a much better birthday.