November 24, 2011

Is Michael Jackson Real?

Lately, Sam and I have been having some conversations about things that are real vs. not real.  He seems pretty wise - so far I have learned that zombies, unicorns, fairies, and monsters are NOT real.  When I asked him if the Easter Bunny was real, he said no.  Then yes, then no again.  I asked if he is not real, who brings the Easter baskets?  Sam said they magically appear.

On Halloween, Sam watched Michael Jackson's Thriller video at a party we went to.  For whatever reason, he must have thought of it tonight, because as we were lying in his bed and his eyelids were getting heavy, he suddenly asked me.

"Is Michael Jackson real?"
"Yes, he is real.  Well, he died.  But he was a real person."
"In this one movie, he was a zombie."

It took me a moment and I realized he was talking about Thriller, so I explained that it was a costume, like on Halloween then told him that Michael Jackson was a really good singer and dancer.  

So, this Halloween, I am thankful for my kids.  And the fact that at 8:45 at night in the dark, my kid might ask me if Michael Jackson is real.


Christa the BabbyMama said...

Fantastic question! And funny to think of the things we'll remember but our children won't... not quite. Like celebrities they were too young to know about, for instance.

P.S. - Thanks for stopping by on my SITS Day! I'm your newest follower :)

tettelestai said...

Aw, so the easter stuff comes by magic, that is good to know ;-)  I am amazed at the things that go through my children's minds!  

Liz Sawyer said...

love this... Now it could be debated on exactly how much of Michael Jackson was actually "real" when he passed away, but boy the man could sing & dance! :-)

jessica said...

Always funny to hear what our kids are thinking, you just never know.