November 30, 2011

I Just Want to Work in a Bookstore

I'm in the process of looking for a part time job right now.  I hate job hunting.  I know that I'm overqualified for most of the jobs I'm applying for, and sometimes I know that means I'll get overlooked.  Believe me, I've been there.  I reviewed hundreds of resumes a week when I worked at my last job.  I had a good process for weeding out the overqualified though - an email I'd send out with the job description and pay to see if people were still interested.  Most places don't do that though.

Part of the thing of it is...  I really just want to work in a book store again.  Unfortunately for me, there are only two bookstores in Bellingham.  There's a Barnes & Noble.  I turned in an application last week and someone told me they were hiring.  But just now when I asked they said they are 'always accepting applications' but may not be actively hiring.  ANNOYED.  I was really hoping.  The other one is a locally owned store called Village Books, which would also be cool.  Their application is a bit longer, but I'm going to try & finish it tonight and drop it off tomorrow or Thursday.

I've also been looking at administrative type jobs - receptionist, office manager, that type of thing.  I'm really good at it and I have great organizational skills and attention to detail.  But I know that the unemployment rate in the administrative field is even higher than the general rate, and they're all probably getting a billion applications. 

Second to the bookstore thing, my perfect job would be a writing or editing job I could do from home (or a coffee shop).  I know these types of jobs are hard to find.  I did some ghostwriting for a while, and I really loved it, but I got that job by posting on my blog and Twitter, and a friend of a friend.  It's all about networking, and I don't feel like my networks are very strong right now.  I guess I can put out feelers on Facebook. 

I found an ad for an editing job on Craig's List, but got an email back saying there's a "test" to find 5 errors on a website.  A dating website that required you to sign up first...  um, no. 

So, anyone got any ideas?

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