November 21, 2011

Good Reads

Sometimes, it's nice when someone else does the work for us and suggests some good reads.  If you've got some extra time this weekend, here are some things I came across this week that I enjoyed.

  • The lovely Angie at GnomeAngel included me in a nice little post she wrote about blogs she's been enjoying.  I love her blog, and was honored to be one of the blogs she wrote about!  Her blog is wonderful - I love following her journey through infertility (and finally, a bun in the oven!) and her adventures with crafts and wonderful quirky finds on Etsy.
  • This week I also discovered the blog Nailside.  It's what you think it is - a nail polish blog run by Jane, a 21 year old girl from the Netherlands who loves doing manicures.  They are amazing, and I have SO many ideas now I can't wait to try out!
What did you read this week that you loved?

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