November 9, 2011


Do you need a little laughter in your life?  Here are a few things I read this week that made me chuckle!

About the East Coast's first snow, Alice at Finslippy said:
"For instance. Look at that. Look at our October Snow. That is the second-worst Guns 'n' Roses song ever. How dare you, climate. How dare you right to hell." 
In response to her questioning whether her 5 year old wants to be at the birth of her coming baby sibling, this is what Kristin at Birthing Beautiful Ideas got in response:
M: No, I just don’t wanna hear those sounds you made on the video when A was born.
Me: Oh yeah.  Those sounds can seem scary.  But…
M: No, no, I know that mommies make them because it helps them to feel better.  And they didn’t scare me.  THEY WERE JUST ANNOYING!

About her kidney stones, Ami at Bunkers Down had this to say:
(Let me just take a moment and wax poetical about morphine.  It truly is nectar of the gods.  It made all the pain go far, far away.  It also made me a rambling idiot who kept saying things like “I love SCRUBS!  They’re sexy!  We should all wear SCRUBS!  All the time!  I just want to say the word SCRUBS over and over and over!”)
and this:
I ended up having a “painless” procedure than used sonic waves or some other awesome scientific thingy (remember, heavily medicated person) that busted up all the kidney stones into microscopic smithereens.  I love it when people call something painless.  Because then I know I am dealing with LIARS.
My friend Kyle started a blog called The Legend of Greybeard.  It's pretty funny and entertaining.  I guess if you are a stay at home Dad to 5 year old twins and a 2 year old AND a "homemakin' dynamo" you HAVE to have a sense of humor.  So check it out.  As long as you don't mind strong language and strong opinions. The world would be dull without them.

Also, this:

What made you laugh this week?

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