October 27, 2011

Writer's Workshop: Been there, done that!

I'm playing along with writer's workshop again this week, with prompt #1:Last week we wrote about what we have never done…this week write a list of 22 things you HAVE done. (inspired by Sellabit Mom)

1. Eaten pizza in Rome.

2. Walked in a 5K charity walk.

 3. Ridden a Greyhound bus.

4. Read 50 books in one year (and will again, maybe this year!).

5. Ridden on an elephant.

6. Ridden the Sling Shot.

7. Broken the most commonly broken bone in the human body -the collar bone.

8. Learned how to make stained glass windows.

 9. Read my poetry at an open mike (multiple times!).

10. Gone scuba diving.

11. Been paid to write (want to do WAY more of this).

12. Made my own pizza dough.

13. Eaten whale meat.

14. Earned a college degree in business.

15. Ridden a horse across the Welsh countryside.

16. Eaten a chocolate croissant in Paris.

17. Sneaked into a movie.

18.  Dyed my hair blue, purple, green and pink (one at at time...).

19. Bought & worn an authentic costume to the Washington State Renaissance & Fantasy Faire.

20. Picked my own blueberries.

21. Given birth to a baby in my bathroom, with only my husband there to assist.

22. Been baptized.

What have YOU been up to?

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Nicki Ditch said...

Thanks for the comment!  I read yours and saw your blue hair and my ADD kicked in and I ran back to mine to add the bald thing and didn't go back to yours to comment!  I LOVE the blue hair!  I am impressed with your birthing experience since I have 2 kids and have received pain meds for both births!!  I also am jealous that you read 50 books in a year!  I will do that someday! I am actually reading Oliver Twist for the first time ever if you can believe that and I love it!

Jesika Jennings said...

I have a secret dream to learn to do stained glass.
LOVE it.

Melissa said...

Love the baptism picture, you're brave to dye your hair that many colors, and I bet pizza in Rome is awesome!

Patrice Plauche said...

Your birth experience sounds kind of scary!

Dominiquegoh said...

Love the stain glass that you made..really lovely. 

Grandpa Richard said...

#3 - been there done that - lots!!! even 24 hours +

#22 - Amen (but mine was inside in a public pool we rented)