October 6, 2011

A Letter Overdue Part 2: Danny

Dear Danny,

Oh my little babe. You have been one for almost five months, and I haven't gotten around to writing your very first birthday letter yet. I need a slap on the wrist! I won't ask you though, you'll probably whack me in the face since lately you've been quite amused by that.  I'm trying to teach you to be gentle, and you're learning what it means.  When you hit me, and I tell you to be gentle, you reach out and stroke my face.  Then you usually give me a hug.

The other night I was putting you to bed, sitting in your room, and I suddenly realized that one day soon I am going to look down and you won't be a baby anymore. Even now, your babyhood is fading with each step you take and each phrase I notice you're understanding.  Some days, I'm not sure I should still be calling you a baby, but I think I'll hold on to it a little bit longer.  At bedtime, when you're tired, we ask if you are ready for bed.  You walk to your room and when I follow, you shut the door behind us and walk over to the chair.  I still sing to you at night while I hold you and wait for your eyelids to get heavy.  Lately, you've been going into your crib not fully asleep some of the time.  You know that you're tired and ready, and it's just another sign that you're getting bigger and smarter all the time.

You finally learned how to walk, and you just go everywhere.  We moved to a new house last month, and you love being able to walk around the whole house.  Now that there are no stairs and it's a little smaller, you pretty much have the run of the place.  This week, you've gotten in the habit of going into rooms and trapping yourself by closing the door, hopefully you'll get over that soon.

Sam is in Kindergarten now, so we get to spend more time together just the two of us.  I know you are getting old, but I still hold you ever day while you nap.  Some people may think that's crazy, but the truth is that I love that time resting on the couch with you in my arms.  One day, you won't want to cuddle with me like that, so why not enjoy it while I can?  You're spending one day a week with Grandma Edie, and I love it because I get time off.  I also love it because you're going to have a bond with her.  I love that you and Sam will have grandparents that you are so close with, you're so lucky.

You love the cat, and you've got a couple of favorite books, both filled with pictures of animals.  You try to make some of the animal noises back at me - cow, chicken, and roaring like a lion.  You also discovered one of Sam's lift the flap books the other day, and you like to read it.  Last Friday night while I was out, you and Daddy read it over and over.

I can't wait until you learn how to talk.  I think you have a lot to say, but right now you just grunt and whine emphatically.  I know that you have so much to say, and I can't wait for you to really be able to express yourself.  You've had a couple of sounds that were word-like, 'yeah' and 'hot dog' and 'ball,' but nothing I would really consider your first real word.

Your favorite foods are hummus, hot dogs, yogurt, peanut butter, french fries, guacamole, and cheese.  You will try anything I put in front of you, which is nice.  You also love fruit, especially watermelon.  I love knowing I can take you anywhere and there will be something there for you to eat.

I gave you a haircut the other day and you boys always look so much bigger and older after a haircut.  You have these funny ears that stick out.  Maybe you'll grow into them, I don't know.  For now, you just look pretty cute.

It's getting rainy outside and soon we'll have to buy your first pair of shoes.  Your Robeez are great, but they won't keep your feet dry if the ground is wet!  I can't believe you're old enough for that already.

You are still the happiest baby I've ever seen.  When you cry or fuss, there is almost always a reason, and an action that can be taken to get you back to happy again.  You smile and laugh all the time, and you're just full of joy.  I hope that never changes.

I love you.


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