October 19, 2011

I'm at Momcomm!


Have you ever noticed that little button over in my sidebar? It leads to Momcomm, a website created by Melissa. In her words, "Momcomm gives blogging chicks practical, can-do tips for writing, blogging and using social media (and sometimes a snarky rant or two)" Melissa is also the author of a wonderful blog, Adventuroo, which is not only fun to read, but one of my favorite blogs to look at as well, I love her design! Every Wednesday, Melissa posts a critique of a blog, and I was excited when I got an email a couple of weeks ago reminding me that my turn was almost here! I'm a little scared (who wouldn't be, right?!) but am looking forward to finding out what she has to say and to the inspiration I think it will give me.  Why not head over there with me to see what she has to say - and explore a little while you're there?

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