October 20, 2011

I Never

I've decided to play along with Kat from Mama's Losin' It and use one of her Writer's Workshop weekly writing prompts this week.  If you've been around here, you may have noticed that I LOVE lists, so when one of the writing prompts was to "follow the template I copied from The Pioneer Woman without her permission and list 22 things you’ve never done," I was ALL OVER IT!

I'm 30 years old.

And I've never:

1. Seen all 4 Indiana Jones movies all the way through.

2. Gone bungee jumping.

3. Worn thigh-high boots.

4. Ridden on a motorcycle.

5. Eaten raw fish.

6. Been to the opera.

7. Made more than $30,000 a year.

8. Gone skinny dipping.

9. Photographed a wedding.

10. Owned any Apple products.

11. Worked in a fast food restaurant.

12. Shoplifted anything.

13. Milked a cow.

14. Read anything by Charles Dickens or Jane Austen.

15. Pulled a dine and dash.

16. Made my own bread.

17. Been to Alaska.

18. Kissed a girl.

19. Done the Charleston.

20. Gotten anything other than my ears pierced.

21. Seen a tornado.

22. Spent over $100 on a pair of shoes.


Check out Kat's blog, and the other Writer's Workshop participants over at Mama's Losin' It.


Lou Lohman said...

Damn, Rachel.  You are a deprived child.  I've done most of those things you haven't - especially that one about kissing girls.  :)

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Only ears here as well... I've still never seen a tornado live, but we had one go through here last spring and I saw the aftermath just up the road.  Good enough... don't ever want to see that again.