September 2, 2011

New Blog, and Stuff

Sooo.... we're moving.  On Sunday.  And we're only about 60% as packed as we need to be.  As it is, we'll be leaving stuff behind.  This whole thing happened really fast because once we decided to move I realized Sam is starting Kindergarten next week.  So, we either moved fast, drove Sam to Kindergarten every day at first, or had him start at one school and transfer a week or two in.  Neither of the last two options appealed to me, so here we are.  Moving on Sunday.  I am crazy anxious, and also, I hate packing.  So much.  I LOVE the arranging and unpacking that happens on the other end... but trying to get everything boxed up sucks.  Luckily, since we're moving out of my father-in-law's house and no one else is moving in right now, we don't have to have everything out right away.  Mostly, we just have to make sure we move all the furniture and anything too big to go in the car.  We're leaving behind a lot of books and random other stuff we don't use that often, and we'll work on packing and moving it throughout September.  BUT, with all this craziness, I haven't had much time to sit and write (or do much of anything).

I DID, however, manage to start another blog!  Way to add more to your plate, Rachael!  But, it's really not.  See, a couple of weeks ago Justin and I were at Barnes and Noble looking at blank books, and there was a 5 year, one thought a day journal.  I looked at it and thought it was a good idea.  Just one idea each day, one tiny piece of life recorded.  Of course, my first thought was not that I should buy the book, but that I should put it online.  Thus, SNOTW - Life. Abbreviated.  There's a button over to the right in my sidebar that will take you there if you're interested.  I'm enjoying it so far, especially when I just want to get something out there.  I would love to have time to write MORE every day, but it's a good way for me to make sure I write at least a couple of sentences every day.

All right, off to fill out change of address forms.  Or pack something.  Or pull out my hair.


Justin Heiner said...

Just heard from Rachael: "Sam, turn around and punch him! Don't just keep running!"

Ah, the life lessons you learn while defeating a ginormous creature made up of thousands of red fire ants who throws pieces of himself at you.

In context, Rachael is distracting Sam while I attempt to set up Comcast at the new place :)

Kelley @ Magnetoboldtoo said...

it takes me 6 months of thinking and then 3 of packing before I am ready to move house.


Teri M said...

I have that diary - I love it!  Great idea to put it into blog form.  Good luck moving - you'll be done SOON! 

Seattledad said...

Great idea for the new blog.  And best of luck with the move.  I despise moving.

Mrs4444 said...

Here's hoping you are all moved in and enjoying unpacking.  Off to check out the new blog! :)