April 10, 2011

Sunday Funday

Well, it actually hasn't been that fun so far, but I expect that it will look up as I am having dinner and a movie with my girlfriends for my cousin Courtney's birthday tonight. We're going to see Hanna, which I have only read a synopsis for and have not seen any previews. This is quite unusal for me, usually I hear about most movies quite a while before they're out and look forward to many of them, and since I go to the movies around once a week, I usually see previews. I'm hoping it will be good! Today's post is a little random, I just have a ton of thoughts bouncing around in my head, so here are a few. About 3 weeks ago, Danny's mouth made a decision. It said "Only two teeth? Are you kidding? Here are FIVE MORE ALL AT ONCE." It's been a little crazy. There are now four teeth growing in on top, and I can't wait to see how it changes his smile once they're all the way in. I am totally drooling over this Tamron 70-300 Lens. I want it so bad, and the price on Amazon is excellent! I am working on selling some of our DVD box sets, then hopefully I'll be able to get it. Last week we went to the zoo, and the whole time we were there I just kept thinking about how I wished I had a telephoto lens. My mom and her husband went to Hawaii for spring break, and even though they've only been gone for a week I can't wait to see her tomorrow when they get back. I forgot that we were supposed to drop her car off at the airport today, so I'll have to go to the airport at 6:30 AM to pick them up. Oh well, not much sleep for me tonight. Sam is back to school tomorrow, which I am very glad about. We had a pretty good spring break, but it's better for him to get out of the house. I was very excited because the little letter and calendar the teacher sent home for April showed they are going to watch some caterpillars turn to butterflies! How fun. We have been watching the Batman movies with Sam because he likes playing Lego Batman on the Wii. So far we have watched the old, old one, Batman with Val Kilmer and Batman & Robin. Justin asked who my favorite Batman is, and I have to say that after watching part of B&R this morning I am kind of digging George Clooney. Is that weird? Sam likes the original old one the best. Well, that's about it for now! I'll be less random tomorrow ;-)

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