April 7, 2011

My 13 Favorite Glee-ful Songs

I used to participate in Thursday Thirteen more regularly, and since I love lists so much maybe I'll jump back in. This is a list I've been thinking about for a while - my list of my top songs from Glee. I've included videos for each, though a few are just audio with a static picture because it's all that was available. I still love Glee every week, and it makes me laugh and cry. The first five are my absolute favorites (in no particular order), and the remaining 8 videos are not in any certain order.

1. Thriller/Heads Will Roll - I wish there was a video of the actual performance for this one. This has got to be one of the best mashups I've ever heard, and it's definitely in my top 5.

2. It's My Life/Confessions Part 2 - This was one that just wowed me when it happened. I loved the crazy manic energy of this episode (courtesy of some type of cold/sinus medication Terri was giving the students).

3. Defying Gravity - Seriously, this is where I fell absolutely in LOVE with Kurt. He's my favorite character on the show. Once, when I was pregnant with Danny, this song came on while I was driving and I burst into tears because it was so beautiful.

4. Bad Romance - Kurt again! And Santana really showed her stuff in this one. This is my favorite to sing along to while it blares in the car.

5. Dream On - When I heard that Neal Patrick Harris was going to be on, I was so excited! This duet is just so good. Also, this is a song I would DEFINITELY not know all the words to if it weren't for Glee.

6. The Boy Is Mine - Santana and Mercedes battle it out.

7. Give Up the Funk - One of the things that was cool about this one is that it was one of the first times that you were able to get the true range of Chris Colfer's voice - there is no autotune or adjustment, that's really him singing those notes.

8. Bills, Bills, Bills - It's just different. And Kurt and Blaine? LOVE.

9. Vogue - How could you not love this? Sue cracks me up nearly every week.

10. Lady is a Tramp - Puck shows his stuff. Awesome.

11. Don't Rain on My Parade - Another one where I was just absolutely WOWED when I saw it.

12. Alone - Kristin Chenowith is pretty awesome, and I had no idea she could sing like this. I knew she sang, but when she belted the chorus out? It was awesome.

13. Slave 4 U - I really like Britney. She's funny, but innocent and caring all at the same time. And do you ever just focus on her dancing? Really good.

Also, I totally love Burt Hummel. This totally made me cry, and he rocks.

Also, Matthew Morrison and Jessalyn Gilsig totally acted the shit out of this scene where he discovers her fake preggo belly, and it is STILL stuck in my mind.

Do you watch Glee? What are your favorites?

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Michelle's Photos said...

YES!!! I watch Glee and Love all the songs every single week.which reminds me I must add more to the old ipod :)

Deb said...

I've never seen it, I don't think it shows where I live, but I hear about it all the time. I can see why.

Shelley Munro said...

I love Glee. I have to agree about the Thriller mashup. That was a fun show.

Xakara said...

Defying Gravity is my all time favorite that they've done! I love Kurt and Burt Hummel is the most awesome dad in the history of television. His sex talk with Kurt--brilliant! Love it!

Happy TT,


Sandyakessler said...

this group is so dynamic phenomenal really . I loved them from the very first show

Brenda said...

Thanks. I had fun watching your clips. :)


Sandra (Dynamo) said...

these are great - I'll have to try and watch this show sometime

harrietb said...

How fun!! Great 13 :)


CountryDew said...

I read somewhere that Glee has surpassed everyone in terms of top hits, and I've never even seen the show.

Janet said...

I've never seen this show, but I know people rave about it!

Shana Baehr said...

*sigh* My HUSBAND (I'll never forgive him for this) has gotten completely hooked on this show (stupid streaming netflix) and he is now pulling me in. Like I need another show to obsess over and interrupt my dreams of Brandon Routh.