April 11, 2011

Mommy Confession

I hate bathtime.

Sam takes a bath almost every night before bed, and he loves it. Sometimes, he would stay in there for hours if we let him. Lucky for me, a lot of nights I put Danny to bed and Justin does bath & bed with Sam.

Tonight, I got stuck with bathtime, and I finally admitted to Justin that I hate bathtime. I hate sitting in the bathroom. I hate sitting on the floor playing games with Sam while he's in the tub. I'm tired and it's uncomfortable and I usually get wet and whatever.

It's just not my favorite time of day, that's all.

Do you have a particular parenting task that you could do without?


Sarah said...

I am totally with you on that one! I think Sam is the same age as Lily (or very nearly) and a couple months ago I started leaving her alone in there a little at a time but leaving the door open. She has done great - doesn't seem to mind that I am not playing and I get a chore or two done (within earshot of course!). Might be worth a try. I wrote a blog post on it when I was deciding what to do


Mighty M Family said...

Although part of me love tucking my kids into bed and spending that time reading and talking to them, it is also my least favorite thing to do. By 7 pm I'm just done and want to clock out.

Ediehope said...

It would be okay if it weren't for Spiderman, Batman, Robotman and the hand guys. I just don't know how to play his games. That's why I let him get real tired and fall asleep on the couch, all dirty.

Syd said...

Right now, I'm hating bed time in general. While you are dealing with CIO, I'm on the opposite spectrum. I won't CIO, and I co-sleep, so the baby will not go to sleep without me. And most nights, the baby will not go to sleep with me. He just rolls and kicks and turns and crawls and coos and cries and yells and laughs and pinches me and pokes my eyes and pushes his head into my belly, my arms, my legs, etc.

Well, I guess some of it is kind of fun. But it means I have NO night time Me time. It's just hours of tugowar with a 9 month old. Sometimes I just get up and ask my husband to put him down because I get resentful and frustrated. And when he does, guess what: THE BABY GOES TO SLEEP FOR HIM! Gah.