April 6, 2011


Sometimes, I like to get crafty. I knit occasionally, like to color, and sometimes get the urge to make stuff. I like stickers and glitter and photos and lots of other things.

One of the things I like to do is make my own cards. I am not a HUGE cardista or anything, with dies and brads and stamps and layers. But I DO enjoy an occasional trip to Michael's, where I drool and bargain in the scrapbooking section, then make my own cards. I am a huge fan of snail mail, and I often find that the cards at the store are just too much. To many frilly words etc. I use these for everything from a 'hello' or 'miss you' note to Thank You and Birthday cards.

I went to Michael's last night and almost all of the craft stickers were 40% off! Score. I got tons of stuff for only $30, and made about 45 cards - less than $1 a card, which is WAY cheaper than if I bought blank cards at Hallmark. Here are my favorites from last night's batch.










Do YOU ever get crafty?

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