April 30, 2011

B Corns

Sam pretends to throw something.

Sam: I threw a nut at you!
Rachael: Like an acorn?
Sam: Yes, like an acorn. Like a b corn!
Rachael: Oh, a b corn, huh?
Sam: That's what acorns are called in the future.


Sam likes us to "do Danny's voice," talk in a high voice and pretend we are Danny saying whatever. I was doing Danny's voice.

Sam coughs.

"Danny": What was that noise?!
Sam: That was just me coughing.
"Danny": Why?
Sam: Because people are meant to cough. And sneeze.


Enz said...

gotta love little boys.

Shannon said...

"B corns"... HILARIOUS.

As is the convo with himself. The things kids come up with...

Mrs4444 said...

Silly kid..

Mimi said...

So funny!

Renee Adams said...

I love little one logic