April 2, 2011

30 Days of Truth Day 18: Let's Get Rid of the Gay in Gay Marriage

The prompt for day 18 of 30 Days of Truth is "Your views on gay marriage." And yes, this is totally out of order because I'm finding myself stuck on day 17. It'll come along in time...

Let's get rid of the gay, because come on. Marriage is marriage. In short, my views on gay marriage are no different than my views on straight marriage. It's awesome. It's not for everyone. But for those who want it? They should be allowed to have it.

Gay Marriage Makes Me Cry
Originally posted July 4, 2008

A special kind of
joy, celebrated at last
brings tears to my eyes

Twenty seven years
finally matrimony
after all this time

Hateful signs are there
but overshadowed by the
signs of love, support

Hateful thoughts exist
but can't compete with kisses
hugs between couples

Families smile
Bride loves bride and groom loves groom
Children's parents wed

You deserve this joy
All people should have the right
To wed who they choose

I can't wait until
This scene repeats in my town-

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