March 1, 2011

I'm so glad I'm your Mommy


Dear Sam,

It's only two months from your fifth birthday, and I know I'll write something for you then. But there are so many things about you rattling around in my head right now that I don't want to forget. I've been meaning to write them down, because I'm sure some of them have slipped away already.

In the past two months, you have changed so much. Watching you grow and learn is one of the biggest joys in my life, and never ceases to amaze me. We recently had the first of three little orientation classes at your kindergarten. I can't believe we're almost there. But you got your hair cut recently, and you just look like such a big boy.

You make up your own games all the time. They often involve superheroes, bad guys, monsters, wizards, princesses, portals, transporters, power ups and tons of other stuff I'm sure I am forgetting. This morning as we walked down the driveway we went through three portals to level four. In level four, there were only trees. Black, evil trees. And nothing else. We had to destroy them, so I grew a giant axe on my hand. But you were the real hero - you had bombs. You would throw them, and then they would go in the branches and explode. After we'd taken down all the trees, I asked if we'd beaten the level. You said no, there was one more guy. A tiny mouse. I asked you what we should do, and you said you had a tiny mouse bomb. You threw it at him, then declared "I pastroyed him with my tiny, tiny mouse bomb." Then we beat the level, and were ready to go through the portal to level five when the school bus pulled up.

As I walked back up to the house, I couldn't help but marvel at your creativity and the power of your mind.

Every night, you take a bath and then Daddy gets your jammies on you and the two of you head upstairs to read. Santa brought you your first chapter book in your stocking, a Magic Treehouse book. You devoured it, and have started a small collection. Recently, Grandma Edie brought you Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. Some nights, I listen to Daddy reading to you in your room. I love it that you have your special time together every night. It's something that I hope you'll remember when you're all grown up.

You make up stories now, too. The other day you told me a story where we were all aliens except Daddy. He was a zombie.

Sometimes, you have a hard time sharing your toys with your little brother. But for the most part, you love him. You play with him now, and he's often incorporated into the adventure games you create as a giant baby monster. I just can't wait for the two of you to become friends and make up these adventures together.

You're doing so well in school. You can write your name like a pro, and you're just starting to sound things out. You say "D-D-Danny. Starts with a D!" Before I know it, you'll be sounding out words and reading books.

One of the hardest things to realize as a parent is that a lot of times, children do things in their own time. You have slept in your own room and bed off and on over the years, but you were never really ready to stay there. We would revert to you sleeping in our room, or coming in to our room every night in the middle of the night. Recently, we moved you to a mattress on our floor. You just never wanted to be alone.

About 2 weeks ago, Daddy and I started talking about getting you and Danny both sleeping in your own rooms. It's been 9 months since I've slept in a bed with no kids, and I am exhausted. 8 days ago, during the day, Daddy started talking to you about how that week you'd have to start sleeping in your own bedroom. You were resistant because you love being with us, but then suddenly, you said you'd start that night. And you did. Tonight will mark 9 nights in a row you've slept in your own room. The last 2 nights, you didn't even wake up and need us to tuck you back in during the night. I'm so absolutely proud of you.

Lately, you've been really into the idea of the sleepover. You've had them with Grandma Edie and Grandma Deanna, and you love it. When we have to leave from a friend's house to go home, you often talk about how you'd rather have a sleepover. You asked if you could have a sleepover with Alec, one of your closest friends from school. I didn't know how to explain to you that most 5 year olds are not really ready for sleepovers!

You're in a why phase right now - you ask all the time. Sometimes it's hard to think of the answers, because you ask about things I don't think about much. Sometimes, it's fun, like the day you asked why we have bones.

You've also started showing more attention to what words mean. You ask me often to tell you what something means. One day, you asked what 'both' meant, and then 'also.' Sometimes those are hard to define too, but it's so much fun to explain things and know that I'm helping you learn about the world.

I think you would think it was crazy that I didn't have a computer until I was in high school. You play on the laptop by yourself all the time, you know how to get to your favorite websites (Lego, Cartoon Network, Disney, Nick Jr) that are saved in your bookmarks. You love Angry Birds just as much as everyone else, and you're better at it than a lot of us are. You figure things out so fast, and without anyone showing you. By the time you're 10, you'll probably know way more about phones and computers than I do!

You're still a picky eater, but lately you've been on this waffle streak. The other day, you ate four of them for breakfast. You eat them like toast, with just butter. Is it weird that I still think the sound of you chewing is cute?


Sam, you are so amazing. I tell you every day how much I love you, and how proud I am of you. I wish that my words could convey even 1/10 of the actual feeling behind them. You always tell me you love me back. Today I told you that I am so glad I'm your Mommy. You said "I'm glad I'm your son too." What a gift. I hope you always feel that way.



Ediehope said...

I win because I get to have both of you.

Cgonzalez said...

What a beautiful post Rachael! Write it all down because it goes so fast. My oldest will be 18 next month and I still remember 5 like it was last year. They hate to hear that they are always our babies, but you forever see this wide-eyed beautiful child discoverying the world.