March 28, 2011

Conversations with Sam

After seeing something on Colbert about how to donate money to Japan Tsunami/Earthquake victims...

Sam: Can you feed poor people with money?
Justin: Well, you could buy them food.
Sam: No! Can the mouth of the WORLD eat the money?
Justin: Pop! My mind is blown.


We are playing with finger puppets. Sam puts them in a house and says it can fly.

Rachael: Where are they?
Sam: They are at Disneyland.
Rachael: What is Disneyland?
Sam: It's a place where all your dreams come true.
Rachael: Oh, really? What kind of place?
Sam: A place where your dreams come true.
Rachael: What do you do there?
Sam: You solve the mysteries of your dreams.


Sam: Bees have butt swords!


Edie and Justin were talking about a (bogus) speeding ticket she got today when a kid ran across the street in a school zone. Sam told us to stop talking about it, that it was "freaking him out"... because kids shouldn't run across the street without an adult.

He then explained how an adult should have been with the kid because you never go into the road without holding hands because the cars are dangerous.

The best part is that we didn't even know he was listening to the conversation (about 10 minutes at that point, mostly over the reasons the ticket was bogus and to things like never choosing "mitigate" as your plea if you ) and all of a sudden he chimes in with his opinion on the matter, and he phrased it in a way that was concise, coherent, an correct.

Justin followed up with "That's why I love you, Sam... you rock"... That puzzled him a bit, because all he did was state the obvious. Never run into a street by yourself!


Sam: Everybody was babies in the wild west... and the cities... and the east too. Yeah. The east.


Justin: It might be a tumor
Rachael: It's not a tumuh!
Sam: It'a a three-more!


lceel said...

Your Sam seems a keeper.

Enz said...

You gotta love kids!!