March 10, 2011

30 Days of Truth Day 12: I NEVER get compliments on...

The prompt for Day 12 of 30 Days of Truth is "Something you never get compliments on."

You know, this meme is sort of fun. Except there are some days that you can tell were written by a teenager. What the hell is this? Is this where I'm supposed to fish for compliments? Or am I supposed to list things I don't get complimented on because they suck? I don't get it.

Here is a list of 20 things I never get compliments on.
  1. My spleen
  2. My kneecaps
  3. My juggling skills (they don't exist)
  4. My keen sense of distance (it's not)
  5. My appendix
  6. The fact that I still have my tonsils
  7. The way I smell after 3 days without a shower
  8. My list-making neurosis
  9. My hamstrings
  10. This one big mole on my back
  11. My cellulite
  12. These really ugly pink sweatpants I wear around the house that have two small holes in the butt from when I used them as a unicorn Halloween costume and tied a purple and white feather boa on for a tail.
  13. My chapped lips
  14. The bags under my eyes
  15. The way I drive (it's average)
  16. The money I make (um.... yeah... this doesn't pay)
  17. My strict, disciplinarian skills with my children
  18. My resistance to Girl Scout Cookies (hahaha)
  19. My score on the SATS (it was 1280)
  20. My hairy big toes (hobbit!)
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texanmama said...

LOL that is hilarious! BTW I love your profile pic, rachael.

Molly said...

I love this post. so funny!

Ediehope said...

I just had a two day stomach virus and nobody said anything about the fact that I shot all of the rejected bodily contents into the correct receptacle with zero spillage.

Jene said...

LMFAO! Sometimes when I'm feeling crappy I want to pin a sign that lists my SAT and ACT scores on it just to make myself feel better.

I have a pair of pants like that, too, only the holes are just because they're freaking ancient, not because I did anything productive with them.

Shannon said...

HA! I never get compliments on my spleen, either.