March 7, 2011

30 Days of Truth Day 10: I could do without

The prompt for Day 10 of 30 Days of Truth is "Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know."

This is a hard one. I don't really feel that there is anyone in my life I need to let go of. No one is causing me pain or hardship because I have a bad relationship with them. I'm sure that there have been times in my life when there were people I needed to let go of. One of the things I've learned over the years is that I need to let go of expecting every friendship to be exactly reciprocal, or exactly the same. I have friends I see only once a year who I still consider some of my best.

All seriousness aside, I could definitely do without this guy.

And this guy.

And DEFINITELY this guy.


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Mighty M Family said...

Haha....Gary Busey for sure. He is so strange!

Jene said...

Totally with you on the first two. In fact, I would have a really, really hard time choosing between them! I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't know who the third one is.