February 8, 2011

Reason 6,542 I Love My Husband

We had a really rough night last night.

Sam fell asleep at his normal time. Danny fell asleep at 7:40ish. Great, right?

Until Danny woke up at 9ish. Then Sam woke up around 11. Neither of them seemed inclined to go back to sleep, and inevitably it lead to Sam having a meltdown at 1:00 am when we wouldn't let him play the computer.

Justin's already stressed out because of work - he's under a crazy deadline right now. Needless to say, two crazy kids who won't sleep? Doesn't help.

Justin took the melting down Sam upstairs. But he still wouldn't sleep. Justin came down a couple of times. He told me that Sam wasn't sleeping, every time he got close to falling asleep he'd start talking again.

I could tell he was incredibly frustrated. He was tired. He hadn't had any non-kid time since he got home from work, and he still had work on his mind. He was at the end of his rope.

Eventually I went upstairs. There were no good moods, I finally got Sam to sleep very early in the morning and Justin brought Danny up a while later. It just wasn't a good night.

When the boys and I finally made our way downstairs today at 10:30, Justin was long gone to work. As I got Danny changed, I noticed a piece of paper on top of the laptop. Sam was walking around and a minute later he brought it to me. "What does this note say?"


After all that. After not getting enough sleep. After having to wake up to his alarm much before he was ready this morning. After leaving Sam upstairs last night frustrated and at the end of his rope.

He's a good Dad. I love him.


Barnmaven said...

Oh, yes, THOSE nights...sometimes I'm amazed we survive them intact!

This made me tear up a little bit. Your hubs is a good, good man.

Jene said...

Very sweet! Hope you had a better night last night.