December 22, 2010

Top Gear: Three Wheelers, Great Chemistry, and the World's Fastest Car

We signed up for Netflix a couple of months ago, mainly to access the instant streaming content. It's been great to be able to watch some movies we've been wanting to see for a while and to let Sam watch some new movies we didn't really want to buy.

One of the cool things we've enjoyed now is watching some of the TV shows they have on there. Justin has become TOTALLY addicted to Top Gear. If you're not familiar with it, it's a British show about cars. Like many of the shows that Justin really likes - Mythbusters in particular - one of the best things about it is the relationship, chemistry, and back and forth banter between the hosts.

At first, I was impatient when every. single. time. I came into the room he was watching MORE TOP GEAR! But I had to admit, it was entertaining. They talk about cars, they talk about car news, they drive cars, and they have celebrity guests who do a lap on their track and try to beat the other stars that have driven it. They also do special segments based around certain cars, or types of cars, or types of driving, where they do missions and long road trips with challenges.

This morning, I got up early. Justin had Top Gear on the TV last night and had fallen asleep on the couch. Then I came downstairs with Danny, and I bet you can guess what happened then. I started watching Top Gear. Of my own accord.

I am not much of a car person. I admit I've drooled over the Mustang Shelby in Gone in 60 Seconds and been a little awestruck at seeing a Lotus driving in Seattle. But I've never been INTO cars. But the thing is, this show is pretty great.

James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond are quite frankly, hilarious. They obviously know they have the best jobs in the world, and they appreciate it. They manage to make talk of engines and F1 driving and fast cars interesting to me - a 30 year old stay at home Mom from the states.

Tonight we were watching an episode from Season 15, in which James May was able to drive the world's fastest car - the Bugatti Veyron - on the Volkswagen test track in Germany. 258 mph. Can you even imagine the adrenaline? Even for me, watching it was novel and exciting. Check it out.

Just look at that car. There really is something beautiful about it, isn't there? If you liked that video, check out this one of Richard Hammond racing the previous model against a European Fighter Jet.

It's not just the speed and the racing that's fun to watch. It's also hysterical at times, laugh out loud funny. Don't believe me? Check out this segment of Jeremy Clarkson trying to drive around in a Reliant Robin three wheeler. I think Justin almost had an aneurysm laughing at this.

The fourth episode of Season 15 also had a hysterical segment where the guys had to build their own RVs. It was beyond funny.

So, anyway... what is my point? You should totally watch Top Gear. Even if you don't think you will like it. Because it's awesome.

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