December 30, 2010

Thursday Thirteen: The Year that was 2010

It's that time of year again when best of and highlights posts start popping up all over our feedreaders. What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't have one too? But really, one of the fun things about blogging is being able to look back at the year(s) and read how I was thinking and feeling. So, here are my top posts of each month in 2010, then an extra that I loved to round it out to thirteen.

Top 13 Posts of 2010

1.January: The Second Time Around - At 22 weeks pregnant, I explore the differences between my pregnancy with Sam and the second, with Danny.

2.February: A Thousand Splendid Suns - One of the few book reviews I wrote this year, writing it and reading it now reminded me how much I like writing like that, and that I need to do it more often in the coming year.

3.March: Everything Changes, Everything Falls Apart - I write about how I feel when we experience our second layoff in less than 2 years. Bonus: read Justin's feelings on it in Being laid off sure feels a lot like being fired.

4.April: Suddenly, You're Four - My letter to Sam for his fourth birthday.

5.May: How I Had a Baby in my Bathroom OR "HeymomI'mcomingRIGHTNOW" - How could I choose anything but Danny's birth story for May? Bonus: read Sam's birth story, an oldie but goody.

6.June: The Weight - About my weight - where it's been, where it is, and how I felt after baby.

7.July: 10 Things That Are Just NOT Okay - A lot of times things are funny in my head, but I'm not sure if they will be to others. I managed to write something funny, and it's probably my most read post ever. 10 things that make my skin crawl - like pants with words across the ass. NOT okay.

8.August: The Hunger - Exploring how it feels to have a bad relationship with food, and the struggle I face every day trying to control my diet.

9.September: Pulling on the Past - After an intensely emotional dream about people I used to know, I write about how sometimes I feel haunted by my past and how hard it is sometimes to let go. Bonus: Unexpected Memories, a post about the memories that stick with me throughout my volunteer work with domestic violence and sexual assault victims.

10.October: 30 Days of Truth Day 2 - My Heart Breaks as My Blessings Abound - What I love about myself.

11.November: 30 - Portrait of the Blogger as a Young Woman - Reflections om my life and turning 30.

12.December: Baby Holding Days and Sleepless Nights - Capturing the essence of motherhood right now - a baby who doesn't want to be put down, and a whole lot of tired.

13.Bonus!: Boundless Blessings - Ending the year thinking about and revisiting the amazing blessings I've experienced just seems right. When Justin got his new job, I reflected on how lucky we really are.

Did you write a review post, or a best of post? Leave a link, and I'll come and read about how your year was!

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