December 5, 2010


It's 11:55, so I have like 4 minutes to write this otherwise I will be a fail at NaBloPoMo almost before I even started.

I wanted to post Weekly Winners, but the photos are taking forever to upload. I wanted to write about my friend Sati, who is moving to California tomorrow morning, and I said goodbye to her tonight outside a bowling alley and managed not to cry until I was walking away from her to my car.

But I only have three minutes now and there is a sleeping baby on my arm so typing is totally awkward.

So, I guess I'll watch my old episode of Buffy on Netflix Instant and smell my delicious smelling tree, then maybe I'll go to bed because I'm an old lady now and I need my sleep.

Tomorrow, I'll be more interesting and I'lls hare some tree pictures, because you guys? I totally love my tree.

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