December 14, 2010

Sad Face - Nablopomo fail

Yeah, so I didn't post anything yesterday.

While Sam was at school, I went shopping. Not fun, Christmasy shopping. Costco for an hour and the grocery store for an hour. A sickening amount of money later, we have food in our house, stamps for the Christmas cards, diapers, and the liquid gold that is Danny's formula.

I've been posting at night most days, want to know why I didn't get to it last night? Sam was up PAST MIDNIGHT. That's right. For some reason, that kid doesn't go to sleep. I was upstairs with him when I looked at the clock, saw 12:01, and suddenly realized OH CRAP. NABLOPOMO FAIL!

Today I will be sitting down and creating a schedule for Sam, including a nice bedtime routine - new and improved with bath! I didn't manage to truly do Nablopomo, but I'm going to continue with it anyhow because it's been good. And hopefully starting tonight, we'll have a kid in bed by 8:30.

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